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ZUDO: Timeless Jewelry Turns Fashion Into Action

Love is capable of pushing a person to go for the extra mile. When Ibraheem Nadeem proposed to his now-wife, Zuni, he went far and wide to find the perfect gift that would compliment her beauty and unique personality. On his search, Ibraheem decided to take matters into his own hands and ended up creating an entire jewelry line. Hence, ZUDO was born.

ZUDO is a global jewelry company that creates pieces designed to symbolize protest, profound meaning and thrive on giving a memorable experience for its customers. The company embraces a responsibility to break the silence and rethink the status quo. Their pieces encourage customers to discuss taboo topics and raise awareness on pressing issues. 

At first glance, ZUDO may seem like a regular company – but in reality, they inspire more than just beautiful accessories. The company focuses on promoting mental health and supporting victims of sexual violence. The founder believes that their stunning jewelry collection is capable of making a change. ZUDO has partnered with two non-profit organizations, Heart Women & Girls and MannMukti, to raise funding and support people in need.

ZUDO designs pieces that empowers and represents their customer’s culture, ethnic roots, and beliefs. Founder Ibraheem Nadeem realized that there are others in South Asia, especially among Muslims, who have difficulty finding personal and meaningful gifts for their loved ones. ZUDO was born to bridge this gap by celebrating the diversity of everyone’s background and empowering each wearer through an incredible narrative. 

To take their designs one step further, ZUDO makes it possible for customers to customize their jewelry. The brand does not uphold the “one size fits all” principle. Instead, it allows customers to incorporate personal elements into their jewelry. Customers can design pieces with their names in the language of their choice, as well as pieces that have a spiritual significance. 

ZUDO further took customization to new heights when they released their custom handwriting collection. They transform anyone’s handwriting into a piece of jewelry. Whether it’s yours, a loved ones, or a deceased parent’s writing – they provide a means to carry it with you and hold it close to their hearts. Founder Ibraheem gifted his mother a necklace with the signature of his late father, which took personal and sentimental to an entirely new level. 

Initially built to pay homage to the founder’s South Asian and Muslim Heritage, ZUDO has evolved into a brand that represents many different cultures. The company envisioned being inclusive of all. In light of this value, they released their “Represent your Roots” line, featuring a range of necklaces and rings designed around a map of one’s hometown. “This collection encourages you to take pride in your roots and carry a piece of your home wherever life takes you,” Ibraheem Nadeem said.

ZUDO is currently widening its horizons by growing its #ZUDOFam – a community of worldwide Ambassadors acting on and spreading their mission. This brand truly goes beyond aesthetics and raises the bar for the entire jewelry industry. Through their proactive pieces rooted in meaning, culture and representation – ZUDO reshapes fashion into a call for change.To learn more about ZUDO, visit their website.

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