The Klumpp Family Continues to Make Significant Strides in the Hemp Industry Through the Upcoming Launch of Royal Echelon

Behind the successes of corporate behemoths lie a noble vision designed to revolutionize industries. While many personalities establish entities to generate wealth and gain fame, others ultimately engineer their pursuits to impact lives, catalyze change, and make a difference in the world. They are entrepreneurs who are armed with an unrivaled passion for serving and standing as a beacon of hope for thousands of individuals across the globe. As one of those figures who are grounded with a purpose more than money or fame, Mike Klumpp, an esteemed commercial figure, addresses himself to the challenge of bringing hemp to the public. Through this, he aims to highlight the health benefits of hemp while educating people about its advantages and how it differs from marijuana.

“When we first got into the industry, many people were hesitant to adopt it because they thought that hemp was the same thing as marijuana. But it’s entirely different — it’s for health, not the high. We’re helping to change the message and the culture around it, normalize it, and help people understand its tremendous health and environmental benefits, and consumers understand this now,” shared Mike.

When hemp was legalized in 2018, Mike, together with his wife, Jaime Klumpp, wasted no time and effort to dive into the industry. From the get-go, the couple knew that people would benefit more from hemp, which motivated them to create initiatives that promote the plant. For this reason, they planted the first hemp plants on their farm, MAK Enterprises. Mike and Jaime continued to expand to fit the changing needs of the market, breathing life into Ag Marvels, a fully integrated, full-service hemp company, and Heirloom Grove, a bath and body skincare brand. Without a doubt, Mike is pulling out all the stops to transform his vision into reality.

As Mike Klumpp continues to make significant strides across the hemp industry, he is currently expanding his empire through the upcoming launch of his new establishment, Royal Echelon. Along with his son, Blake Klumpp, Mike will soon operate a vertically integrated company that runs all elements of the supply chain, from growing the hemp plants to selling the products to its direct consumers. The products are high-end, particularly catering to those who prefer top-notch quality hemp.

“It’s a crazy market to stay on top of…but we’re willing to make it work, and we have made it work, thankfully,” said Blake. “I think a lot of that too is [because] we’re expanded over the broad spectrum of things.”

Aside from being a catalyzing figure in the commercial space, Mike Klumpp continues to set the standard of the hemp industry as 1 of 2 officials appointed to represent the hemp industry in the US Department of Agriculture’s ATAC committee; He aims to elevate the hemp industry beyond borders.

Making a difference is such a tedious task, but Mike, Jaime, and Blake Klumpp prove that anything is possible if one works hard for it. As their companies leave traces of their prowess, they hope to lead an industry that endlessly provides health benefits to an ever-changing world.