Putin Will “Move In” On Ukraine, Biden Thinks

Photo: ABC The Ukraine territory is on the verge of an invasion, and it’s up to conflicting countries’ leaders – including President Biden – to settle this confusion for safety’s sake. United States President Joe Biden believes that Russia President Vladimir Putin will “move in” on Ukraine, but he does not want to see a “full blown war.” When

Marvel’s “Eternals”

Marvel’s “Eternals” Broke Records During Its Release In Disney+

Photo: Marvel  Recently, “Eternals” was made available to watch on Disney+, which offers fans an effortless way to rewatch it and potentially give them a chance to progressively reiterate their opinions about the film.  Fortunately, this brought a turning point in the film’s ratings. “Eternals” has reportedly broken a Disney+ record. About 2 million households streamed it during its first

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Its Effects On People

Photo by Andrew Neel It’s that time of year again when we say goodbye to summer and hello winter. The days get shorter (and cooler), making it hard for us humans out here in the world to live our everyday lives.  If you ever feel like your energy is drained, your motivation has disappeared into thin air, your mood is


How Romance Movies Influence the Perception of Reality for Younger Viewers

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash Movies play a significant role in shaping how people see the world at a young age. With imagination running rampant, they can be easily swayed by what they watch and misread films. Those ideas linger in their heads for most of them and paint a picture of what reality should be like. As they

Rampant Leads: Helping Small Business Owners Succeed Despite Big Competitors

The emergence of big companies has eclipsed small mom-and-pop shops anywhere in the world. But Army veteran and entrepreneur Ty Moore attests that the warm feeling of buying from small business owners will never be overshadowed. Rampant Leads helps small business owners keep their businesses alive and reach customers even amid the heavy competition.  Rampant Leads is a digital marketing

Matt Turner

Arsenal Eyes Signing Matt Turner From New England Revolution

Photo: Boston Arsenal is associating with Major League Soccer side New England Revolution in signing Matt Turner, a USA goalkeeper.  According to sources, Arsenal has already offered a bid worth about £5 million for the American soccer player.  The 27-year-old was nominated the season’s MLS goalkeeper for 2021 and has


NCAA Announced Reformation in Trangender Athlete Policy

Photo: Sports Illustrated The NCAA announced Wednesday that it would be altering its policy concerning transgender athletes.  According to reports, the brand new system to authorize transgender athletes will abide by a sport-by-sport model identical to the adoption by the U.S. and international Olympic committees.  Whether or not there was

The Inception and Evolution of Major League Soccer in Its 26-Year Tenure

Source: Sven Kucinic on Unsplash European football (otherwise known as soccer in the United States) is among the most popular sports to sweep the world. With multiple leagues in many countries, competitions are held on an annual basis to promote the joys of the sport. However, every coach and player’s

Stephen “Steph” Curry: The Making of the Greatest Shooter in NBA History

Steph Curry (born Wardell Stephen Curry II on March 14, 1988) is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Golden State Warriors in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Steph has been referred to by many analysts and professionals (current and former) as the greatest shooter in NBA history.