Harper for Kids Building the Next Generation of Leaders through Character Education

By Jeffrey Webb John Wooden, the longtime UCLA basketball coach, may best be remembered for leading his teams to ten NCAA national championships within a twelve-year period. Though he died in 2010, Wooden’s legacy still resonates, far beyond the world of sports.  Harper for Kids (HFK), a San Francisco nonprofit founded in 2008, works with schools to incorporate Coach Wooden’s

RBS Counseling & Educational Services Delivering Mental Health and Educational Services to Children and Families

Mental health care is one of the most overlooked aspects of life, and recent events have made it a necessity for families and children. LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts established RBS Counseling & Educational Services to meet these needs and make the world better. The mental health practice offers a program that provides a combination of mental health services, educational services, and life

Kelton Norman: Transforming People’s Mindset through Gratitude

Mind coach Kelton Norman resonates with the famous adage that goes, “You only look as good as you feel.” At first glance, the statement might come off as seemingly shallow and only focuses on outward appearances. However, it holds a deeper and more profound meaning that helps people realize that creating a healthy mindset can significantly boost one’s confidence and,

Ashley Martin Maneuvers Individuals and Families in the Direction of Financial Security Through Preferred Score

To gain success, several life aspects need to be managed, including financial health. This particular area, whose impact on an individual is immensely hefty, not only implies a feeling of being in control over one’s money but also gauges a person’s flexibility to make choices and describes a person’s ability to provide for themselves and their family without breaking their


The Inception and Evolution of Major League Soccer in Its 26-Year Tenure

Source: Sven Kucinic on Unsplash European football (otherwise known as soccer in the United States) is among the most popular sports to sweep the world. With multiple leagues in many countries, competitions are held on an annual basis to promote the joys of the sport. However, every coach and player’s

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