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Lessons in Leadership: What CEOs Can Learn from Recent Criticism

CEOs should be pioneers, directing their organizations through the ups and downs of business while additionally moving their representatives to take care of their best responsibilities. Sadly, recent events have demonstrated that not all CEOs are up to the challenge. Only this past week, two CEOs

New API Usage Fees Could Limit Researchers’ Ability to Study Social Media

Researchers are concerned about Twitter’s recent announcement that it will restrict access to its data and charge for it. For years, social media platforms have made their data available to independent researchers to investigate online trolling, disinformation spreading, and other malicious activity on their platforms.  Studies

Kit Kat

Why Kit Kat Cereal is the Breakfast of Your Chocolate-Loving Dreams

With its most recent offering, General Mills is once more demonstrating that breakfast can be as decadent as dessert: Cereal from Kit Kat. The cereal, which has wafer squares and is similar to the classic Hershey’s chocolate bar, has already been introduced in Europe and is