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Putting God and Family First: Insight into the Life of Business Coach Dagan Davis

In the busy and challenging world of business, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of success. But there are some who not only accomplish great things in their careers but also find happiness and balance in their personal lives. Dagan Davis, a renowned business coach, is one of those exceptional individuals. He firmly believes in the importance of putting God and family above all else. Today we get the honor of exploring Dagan Davis’s philosophy and how it has shaped his approach to business and life. 

The Importance of Priorities 

Dagan Davis knows that to be successful, it’s important to set clear priorities. For him, the most important things are God and family. By making God his top priority, Davis believes he is guided by a higher purpose, allowing him to make ethical decisions and maintain integrity in all aspects of his life. Putting his family first ensures Davis of a strong support system and a source of happiness that sustains him during challenging times. 

Balancing Work and Personal Life 

Many people find it hard to balance their work and personal lives. But Dagan Davis thinks that by putting God and family first, we can find a way to have both. He emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and creating a schedule that allows for quality time with loved ones. Davis advises his clients to find a good balance so work doesn’t take over and neglects the needs of family and personal well-being. 

Leading with Values 

Dagan Davis has a unique coaching approach that focuses on the importance of leading with values. He believes in bringing his beliefs and family principles into his work life, which allowed him to build a reputation as an ethical and compassionate leader. Davis thinks that businesses should strive for more than just money and should also prioritize qualities like honesty, respect, and empathy. By showcasing these values, Davis believes that entrepreneurs can make a good and long-lasting difference in the world. 

The Power of Faith 

Dagan Davis’s faith plays a significant role in his life and professional journey. For him, having faith in God provides strength, wisdom, and guidance. Davis often advises his clients to cultivate their own faith and establish a spiritual base to endure the difficulties that come with being an entrepreneur. Through prayer, meditation, and reflection, he says people can connect with a wellspring of motivation and strength, enabling them to move ahead even when faced with tough situations. 

Leading by Example 

As a successful business coach, Dagan Davis leads by example. He balances his professional responsibilities with his commitment to his family and faith, demonstrating that it is possible to thrive in both arenas. He inspires budding entrepreneurs and leaders to follow his lead, reminding them that life is more than just work. He also highlights the importance of balancing faith, family, and career, as this creates a lasting impact that goes beyond professional success. 

Renowned business coach Dagan Davis exemplifies the power of putting God and family first in the pursuit of success. His philosophy inspires entrepreneurs and professionals to lead meaningful and balanced lives. By focusing on faith, strengthening family bonds, and incorporating values into business, we can achieve both career triumphs and personal happiness. Dagan Davis reminds us that real success isn’t just about what we achieve but also about the impact we have on others and the lasting impression we make. 

Robert Nickell Explains Why Hiring Virtual Assistants Gives You an Edge

It looks like the economy may be operating unimpeded soon as more and more states lift COVID restrictions. That’s good news because it’s been a tough year for a lot of people. Many business owners are focused on scaling their businesses in hopes of building their companies back to where they were this time last year. However, scaling means creating more work which usually means hiring more help. 

That’s not an expense everyone is ready to take on right now.

Robert Nickell, founder and CEO of Rocket Station, a virtual assistant agency, is sure that he knows how to solve that problem. “Every business owner and entrepreneur wants their businesses to grow. A lot of them are choosing to err on the side of caution for a while yet keeping their expenses as low as they can—and, of course, that’s perfectly understandable,” Nickell said.

He suggested that instead of debating whether or not you should commit to hiring a new W-2 employee, hire a VA. Virtual assistants can take on the increased workload and Nickell says that will lower your expenses in a number of ways.

There Is No W-2

When you hire virtual assistants they’re usually considered to be an independent contractor. Independent contractors report their income via 1099 so you’re paying less taxes. Moreover, there’s no need to consider benefits, insurance or paid leave.

Using a virtual assistance agency saves you from dealing with all the above as well because you sign a service agreement to work with one of the agency’s employees.

Sounds good so far, right? There’s more!

About Wages

Virtual assistants don’t have to invest a portion of their income on proper office attire, meals, or commuting. Many are willing to take on jobs that pay a lower wage for that reason because those things add up pretty quickly! Don’t be afraid to offer a lower wage than you would an on-site employee. 

That said, going through an agency, like Rocket Station, for example, can be even less expensive than hiring someone on your own. If they’re doing it right, they will line you up with a stellar assistant right out of the gate. 

Nickell says they hire all of their employees in the Philippines. Anyone applying for a job with Rocket Station undergoes a series of tests to identify all of their skills. The tests also determine the applicant’s level of expertise. Only the cream of the crop makes the cut, and those who don’t are encouraged to come back when they feel ready to try again.

Virtual assistants living in the Philippines work for much lower wages than those living here in the United States because the economy isn’t as robust. That’s great for Rocket Station’s clients, of course, but there’s no way that it’s considered bad news for Nickell’s employees. Due to differences in our economies, the wage they earn affords them the ability to provide a very comfortable life for themselves and their families.

Increased Productivity and Lower Absenteeism

Research shows that hiring virtual assistants can reduce your operating costs by as much as 78% over expenses incurred by hiring an on-site employee. That is huge! 

Moreover, 37% of on-site workers surveyed stated that they had experienced instances of work-related stress and anxiety. Only 17% of employees who work remotely from home reported the same.

Statistics also show that remote workers—as in your new VAs—are more productive. As much as 13% to 16% more productive as a matter of fact! Furthermore, absenteeism drops which affects your productivity level in a positive way too.

How to Get Started

The very first step in the process is to determine which tasks your virtual assistant will perform. A good rule of thumb is to outsource the everyday tasks leaving your key employees to focus on their strengths so they can focus on growing your business.

Nickell discovered the key to success when hiring virtual assistants to outsource his everyday tasks. “After lots of trial and error,” he said, “I finally realized that there was no way that my VAs could fail if my Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were extremely detailed. So I sat down and documented every single step I took to see a task through from start to finish.”

Once Nickell presented the new SOPs, things took a turn for the better—immediately! So much so that Nickell was inspired to start Rocket Station because he knew the remote workforce was going to become an increasingly valuable resource for business owners.

After deciding which tasks to outsource and thoroughly documenting your SOPs, Nickell says there are just two more steps to take before you’re ready to begin your talent search. 

1. Put objective Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place so you can accurately measure performance.

2. Take time to create an in depth want ad that completely outlines your job description and lists the required skill set needed to complete the tasks. Take some time to share information about your company and to explain the personality traits you’re looking for that you feel will be a good fit. 

If you’re planning to scale your business, do it by getting an edge on the competition right out of the gate. 

The remote workforce has already experienced phenomenal growth and will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years. There’s no doubt that the industry is going to play a huge role in how we do business from now on. Choosing to hire a virtual workforce puts you on the cutting edge because you’re going to increase revenue at a minimal cost to you.

Fitness Coach Anthony Mendez Is Building Business Mindsets

As a successful business coach with proven business models over the last ten years, Anthony Mendez is introducing effective ways of doing business to entrepreneurs using social media. He is focused on the business aspect of fitness coaching and helping health and fitness coaches take their business to the next level. He is a social media expert who helped health and fitness entrepreneurs generate a six-figure income or more  using social media. He runs his own business health & fitness team and is also a top-level athlete and coach for Puma.

He co-hosts the podcast, “Sweat It Out,” where he talks about everything, fitness, health, business, entrepreneurship, and mindset. He is well-versed in social media use, and he has been dedicated to providing a platform where fitness entrepreneurs can learn, network, and collaborate with others to uplift the community. Anthony Mendez has been featured in some of the world’s top publications and magazines such as Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, Men’s Journal, Men’s Health Magazine, Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Future Sharks, Thrive Global, Medium, Kivo Daily, La Progressive, Miami Under 40, Voyage Mia, Miami Vibes Magazine, Stay Fit 305, All Health Channel and The Flamingo Mag!

His coaching program is geared towards fitness coaches and professionals, nutrition coaches, and fitness instructors. He teaches those that enroll in his programs everything they need to run a successful fitness brand. From training them to giving them all the tools, they need to run their businesses successfully using social media.

Anthony Mendez noticed a gap in the fitness coaching business, and he decided to bridge that gap. Many business coaches don’t know much about the health and fitness industry, which has given Anthony Mendez an upper hand in coaching fitness entrepreneurs. He knows that their job entails, what they are looking for, the type of language they understand, and the helpful trends in the industry. The fact that he is a health and fitness coach positions him well to handle all his clients’ needs. His coaching system is also a unique one that has never been seen in the coaching business. “If you don’t reinvent the wheel, you will experience tremendous success,” Anthony says.

His motivation to start his business came from seeing how many experienced coaches lacked social media and online marketing knowledge. Even the ones that know the importance of social media do not know how to use it effectively. This spurred him to help his fellow fitness and health professionals.

His commitment to making health and fitness coaching more valued and recognized in the community is unwavering. His five-year goal is to have a team of professional and experienced coaches, helping him impact thousands of health and fitness professionals’ lives. He also aims to teach some investment skills and get his podcast ranked as the number 1 podcast for health and fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Anthony Mendez wants to show the world that anything is possible with the right training and necessary upgrades with his proven System. In his words, “What these coaches need first is a daily system that is driving organic traffic to their online business! These coaches need to know that you need to invest in yourself always to grow and succeed. Especially now that we are all adapting to new changes!”

Learn more about Anthony Mendez on his website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mendez Fitness YouTube, Sweat It Out Podcast, and TikTok.

Marshon Thomas Emerges as a Top Business Coach for Tech Startups

Business coach Marshon Thomas is a leading expert in marketing with over fifteen years of customer service experience. Marshon has worked as a social media consultant for many projects, including Spike Lee’s Kickstarter project, which raised $1.4 million. Throughout his career, Marshon has created and grown many different businesses. The serial entrepreneur has a deep understanding of what it takes to level up a business.

Marshon Thomas grew up in San Francisco, California. He has been working in the business space since he was only fourteen years old. He always had an entrepreneurial spirit and sold candy to his classmates in grade school and blend tapes when he was a teenager. After high school, Marshon joined the navy and became a dental/emergency technician.

After he left the military, he established a janitorial business and worked as a security professional at the same time. He sold the janitorial business afterward to explore a new trade, which led him to work in the semiconductor industry. All the while, Marshon Thomas studied the stock market in the late nineties and started investing soon after. Marshon has earned well over six figures in the stock market and has recently dabbled in cryptocurrency.

Marshon Thomas is a certified life coach and extreme execution coach from Fowler Wainwright International. Additionally, he has written several well-received articles for and

Today, Marshon is a serial entrepreneur who also mentors others in the stock market. He has had great success in helping startups generate more income through social media. He also coaches IT professionals in advanced English to help them reach new heights in their careers. Marshon is currently focusing on assisting high-tech startup companies that are trying to scale their business but lack the business acumen to make the right decisions. 

The best attribute Marshon Thomas brings to the table as a business coach is his ability to forecast future success. In his fifteen years as an entrepreneur, he has learned how to get a feel for the market and how to predict the next big thing to help a business be one step ahead of others. He also has the ability to train others without being condescending. His time in the military taught him that it’s better to encourage than to discourage, and Marshon has taken this lesson with him to all the training sessions he has conducted in the military and the civilian world.

Marshon’s fifteen years of customer service experience has taught him that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. As an entrepreneur, he goes out of his way to make sure the customer is satisfied with his service. What motivates him when it comes to business is his desire to solve a problem. Many other startups have difficulty staying above water. For Marshon Thomas, any bump in the road is an opportunity to learn and grow.

In the future, the business coach is looking forward to possibly starting his own branding agency. He has worked with a roster of amazing, well-known clients and is excited to develop a globally competitive business.

Follow Marshon Thomas’s career on LinkedIn and IMDb.

Angela White Talks Pivoting and Adapting

While it can more likely be safer to follow the path that seems most logical – going to school, getting a job relevant to one’s degree, among many others – it pays to follow one’s heart and pursue another track, even if it means branching out into the unknown. And given the highly dynamic nature of today’s world, those who can shift gears may have the highest chance of surviving and thriving amidst life’s turmoils. 

Film and television producer Angela White initially aimed to work in public policy. But during her time in New York Law School – where she would eventually earn her Juris Doctorate – she observed the need for more diverse representation as she was booking talents for the student union. So, instead of becoming a lawyer, Angela joined the glamorous but tough entertainment industry. 

She worked with young musicians and comedians in need of representation, ultimately becoming a talent manager in the comedy and live music circuit in New York City. After venturing to California to seek out better opportunities, Angela would then begin her successful climb to the top.

As someone who entered the industry in a non-traditional way, this filmmaking mogul’s adaptability skills were put to the test. Coming from a background other than film school, Angela admittedly not only did not possess any specific training as a film or TV producer, but she also had no inkling what being a producer even meant. Despite these hurdles, Angela was able to come out in the end, alive and kicking, because of her inherent resilience and admirable work ethic.

After years of hard work in networking, researching, and learning the nitty-gritty of the procession, she is now proving to be an authority in every facet of show business. This member of the Producers Guild of America is the founder of Silver Lining Entertainment, a family-owned multimedia entertainment company based in Los Angeles, California. It produces films and television series, and through it, Angela launched an education platform, called Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry, which serves as a resource for those who wish to gain more knowledge in arts, entertainment, and media. 

Most recently, this household name, who has graced Fox News, ABC News, Good Morning America, Sirius XM Radio, and more, has also established Dreamers With Purpose, a non-profit organization that assists people of color as well as women and those who are financially disadvantaged in the pursuit of their dreams.

Through her films, Angela has worked with and showcased some of Hollywood’s most talented figures, including Tiffany Haddish, Omari Hardwick, Isaiah Washington, Salli Richardson, Brian White, Jay Ellis, and more. And proving that delving into the business of entertainment will not remain her only major divergent act, Angela has dabbled in the art of screen playwriting and directing. With her directorial debuts, Transgress and Hands Up, she will further position herself as a force to be reckoned with in every area of filmmaking. Moreover, she has also diversified into book-writing. She can be credited for writing a book titled The Secret to Creating a Winning Demo Reel, which offers actors with strategies to develop workable and successful demo reels that could guarantee more work.

Angela knows that millions of other people, at any given time, are facing challenges and novel situations that can prove to be overwhelming. But through her own story, she wants to be a reminder that humans have the innate ability to adapt to whatever comes their way.

Know more about Angela White by visiting her website and checking out her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Forbes Coach Shermikia Lemon’s Brand Allows Personal and Business Growth for Individuals and Institutions

Knowing what one wants in life comes easy for some. Impressively, some have already gained, at a very young age, the insight about what path they want to take in the future. And in so many ways, realizing one’s dreams early in life is advantageous because it means that efforts and time from thereon could be strategically dedicated toward turning these dreams into reality.

Shermikia Lemon knew that she wanted to run a business and help others along the way. It did not take her decades to be aware of her unique purpose in life. And upon discerning that she is called to build a brand in service to others, she then set out to create a legacy within multiple industries. 

Shermikia is a Forbes coach driven to foster growth in others and is also on a mission to renew strength in women through innovation and inspiration. Penned as an “Executive Coach” by Forbes and known as the “Boardroom Powerhouse” among industry leaders, such as IBM, JP Morgan, Chase, and Duke Energy, Shermikia is widely acknowledged for her proficiency and creative expertise.

This entrepreneur and speaker, through her signature coaching and training company Mediation Solutions Group, LLC, has shown the potential to become a future household name. She helps organizations establish strategies designed for employee retention, guiding them through the effective implementation of leadership, productivity, and workplace conflict programs. 

As a researcher and expert in workplace learning and development, Shermikia boasts a signature on-site training service that highly motivates employees to yield more fruitful and business-expanding outputs. In addition, this coach also works with clients on an individual basis, lending them a hand as they strive to reach their personal goals.

It is not surprising to have already heard Shermikia’s name, for she has had the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of leaders, CEOs, business managers, and executives. Her over eight years of consulting for senior-level organization heads and entrepreneurs have allowed her to impact countless people by teaching them how to achieve profitable growth with ease. 

Moreover, Shermikia has been featured on many podcasts and has graced Forsyth Women’s Magazine, Stars & Stripes, HRMAG, and more. She also hosts a weekly podcast called Peacefully Profitable Podcast, which can be heard on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play, among other platforms. The podcast does not only delve into discovering one’s passion and banking on it to make a profit but also explores how to balance life and find peace.

Shermikia currently has a new program in store for business owners. Strength in Number$ is a one-of-a-kind avenue that serves as a comprehensive program for creating, growing, and elevating one’s business to incredible heights. It enables entrepreneurs to gain a clear understanding of their prospects’ needs, providing them with a proven step-by-step process to success. 

This multi-faceted personality, who is also a regular trainer for the Women’s Resource Center, believes in staying true to one’s journey and keeping faith that dreams are attainable. She inspires the same level of confidence in obtaining life objectives in others through her training and resources geared toward self-improvement. 

In the years to come, Shermikia looks forward to expanding her influence and helping more individuals and institutions achieve their personal and professional goals.Learn more about Shermikia Lemon by visiting her website and Instagram page.