Farmshop CBD Conducts Cancer Trials with Mark Urdahl

Carrie Birkel never saw it coming. Not only did she have stage 4 breast cancer but she also found out that the cancer has metastasized to her lungs. It would take something close to a miracle for Carrie to make it out alive. After her chemotherapy stopped working, she scrambled for an answer to her cancer. It was then that she was introduced to CBD. This discovery paved the way for her to establish Farmshop CBD.  “Cancer was a gift, I wouldn’t be so dedicated and focused until I knew personally how hard I fought for my own life it was pure survival” Carrie said.  

Farmshop CBD was created and founded by Carrie Birkel, a cancer survivor. Her mission is to create a product as pure as possible to make that is certified organic with third-party testing. Farmshop CBD features a full line of products, including pain relief spray, pain deep tissue salves for all over the body, and pet tinctures, 1500mg and 600mg tintcures, and a relief spray for tattoos which is suggested to help for all over your body.

After 28 months, Carrie is in full remission, declaring triumph over the cancer that had nearly taken her life. Today, she is fully dedicated to growing Farmshop CBD to help all those in need.

Farmshop CBD recently started a nonprofit arm, Canna Research Institute, with Mark Urdahl. Mark is the CEO and founder of Young Blood Institute, a nonprofit corporation conducting humanitarian research through human clinical trials in heterochronic plasma exchange and other biotechnology advancements to detect and prevent systemic causes of aging and age-associated disorders.

Carrie and Mark’s team has now grown to include research physicians and nurses. To facilitate constant communication between team members, Farmshop CBD installed a patient portal phone app for Carrie, Mark and the team. The team aims to conduct their first trials with breast cancer patients, starting with groups of ten with a max of a thousand patients. The company’s cancer trials plans to carry out testing for the most common cancers as well as other issues they are planning down the road such as the effectiveness of CBD in sports medicine. Farmshop CBD aims to help those with health challenges to live longer and become healthier.

Farmshop CBD products are most beneficial for those twenty years old and older. This is because when a person turns twenty, over 2,000 of their receptors go dormant. In order to stay healthy and live long, one needs to activate those receptors. At this point, the only way that scientists know of to activate dormant receptors is with the use of a CBD product. Farmshop CBD recommends their 1500mg daily for all people over twenty years old.

Farmshop CBD plans to fully commit itself to educating the masses about the benefits of CBD. The company works with the top research physicians in the country to help deliver the most effective product. Their products have been praised by countless customers for their incredible results and top-notch quality.

For Carrie, 1500mg CBD was what she feels saved her life, “I only know on May 1,2020 I was told I am in Full Remission and I was religious in taking it 3 times a day.”.  said Carrie. “I can’t make any promises that it will cure anyone, I know it made me feel healthier in a short period of time”. To help pay it forward, she is dedicating her life to help others with health challenges. She aims to see the day that Farmshop CBD becomes the top CBD-product company in the US, offering the best-quality product in the market.  A portion of every sale is donated to cancer research.  

Learn more about the benefits of CBD on the company’s website.