How To Become a CDL Truck Driver. Interview with ELDT Expert Evgueni Noujine

Over the following ten years, trucking businesses are expected to need to hire up to 1.2 million drivers, according to the American Trucking Association. Being a truck driver is easier than it might seem. An appropriate class CDL license is required to start your career. However, ELDT— an acronym for entry-level driving training—was unveiled about a year ago. Since then, in order to earn a CDL license, you must have an ELDT certificate.

Read the interview with Evgueni Noujine, whose team was one of the first FMCSA-approved online and offline training providers, before devoting your time to obtaining a CDL.

ELDT theory: What is it?

It is essential instruction. Basic Operation, Mobile Units & Reporting Misfires, Safety Operational Requirements, Advanced Operating Methods, and Non-Driving Activities are the five subject areas that must be covered in a regular curriculum according to the ELDT guideline.

In which states is an ELDT certificate required?

In every state, it is necessary. ELDT criteria must be met by anyone seeking for A or B class CDL for the initial time, upgrading a current CDL to a Class A or B, or getting their first school bus (S), passengers (P), or dangerous waste (H) endorsement.

Why did ELDT get started?

To ensure all truckers are taught the very same skills and safety procedures before receiving their CDL, the program aims to establish consistent minimum training requirements. New minimum standards for instructor credentials for driver training are also part of the requirements.

Is the ELDT available online?

Yes, all online. We, for example, offer a fast ELDT course if you want to swiftly obtain your CDL without needing to leave your home. You can learn about commercial driving and get your certificate as soon as two weeks in some cases. Our company Leonardo CDL offers unique online program, that allows you to get ELDT certificate in two days only!

What is the salary of truck drivers?

Depending on the employer and the state, $50,000 per year is the most typical compensation structure for a driver in the United States. In contrast, On Road (OTR) drivers, who transport freight over long distances, make an average of almost $65,000. Truck drivers can earn the most money working as Ice roads, Huge Loads, Private Fleets, or Liquid/Tanker drivers.

Who offers the best truck driver pay?

Personal Fleets. One of the highest-paying truck driving jobs in the country is available there. The compensation range for a business truck driver is between $70,000 and $85,000 USD annually. The top truck driving positions can bring in up to $347,500 annually.

Can I obtain a CDL without attending college?

You cannot obtain a CDL license without attending school; therefore, no. Also, starting February 7, 2022, all drivers seeking a CDL must complete the new ELDT requirements by attending a school registered with the FMCSA.

How long does it take to become a truck driver?

Getting ELDT certificate with our school takes two days or more. A CDL license can take a month to be ready. However, obtaining a CDL while enrolled in a full-time driver’s education school typically takes seven weeks. If you already have a job, your employer might cover the cost of your tuition. Within a few weeks of receiving your CDL, you can begin delivering. With the aid of this training time, you can launch a new career swiftly and begin generating consistent income. 

Hundreds of drivers from your school successfully began their careers in 2022. How can one decide if a job in trucking is the correct choice for them?

A new driver’s initial year on the highway can be challenging, and some new drivers struggle to adjust to the new way of life. Truck drivers frequently travel for several days at a time. It’s common for new drivers in training to be on the road for up to 21 days at a period or longer.

There is a great deal of freedom on the other side. You are not micromanaged while driving, and you are not required to sit in a cubicle or strike the clock. 

Driving is a way of life, not a job. Simply choose if it was the lifestyle for you.