Celebrity Stylist Martino Cartier Changing Lives Through His Inspiring Story, Successful Styling Salon and Charity Work

In the past few years, Martino Cartier has built more than just a styling empire. He has created a symbol for quality service and compassion. The entrepreneur is the creator of three major brands, namely the Martino Cartier Salon, hair tools and products line Martino by Martino Cartier, and non-profit Wigs and Wishes.

At the heart of the group of companies’ massive success is the owner and founder, Martino. To describe the stylist and entrepreneur’s story as inspiring would be an understatement. The celebrity stylist’s tale of his rise from heartbreak to success is one that the world only hears of once in a while.

From birth, Martino was put straight into foster care. Fortunately, he arrived in the home of a warm Irish home where Martino was loved dearly. Martino knew early on that his biological mom put him up for adoption but always felt drawn to his biological roots. So he spent all of his teenage years fighting to find out who his parents were. That dream later came through as he was reunited with his mother and father later on in life, a true redemption story for the ages. 

As an adolescent, Martino was the subject of constant bullying. This battle plus the struggle to reconnect with his biological parents drove him to depression. But Martino always found a way to persevere. Through the support and mentoring of role models and his adoptive family, he overcame his biggest battles and started to dream bigger. 

Faith was an essential factor for the celebrity stylist growing up. He shares how the story of Moses gave him hope many times through his darkest days. He also shares one of his favorite verses that says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” In retrospect, he can only look to God as the reason why things came through for him when he remained patient through the hardships.

Today, Martino has turned his fortunes around. He worked hard to climb up the ladder of styling success. He served as the International Artistic Director for Keratin Complex for six years, then later joined Hotheads, where he was the Global Artistic Director for two years. Later on, Martino took a leap of faith and started the Martino Cartier brand. He turned his passion into an award-winning institution of great renown. 

Martino started Martino Cartier Salon, which has quickly grown into a 50-station salon has appeared on Bravo TV, Modern Salon Magazine, Vogue, Launchpad, Behind the Chair, Salon Today, and The Golden Globes. The styling expert also built Martino by Martino Cartier, a line of hair styling products and tools that have become some of the most sought after lines today. Martino by Martino Cartier the biggest product line on HSN today.

During the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Martino and company have thrived beyond measure. When lockdowns happened, the business took the chance to level up by completely overhauling their shop. Upon reopening after lockdowns, customers started to flock in, and the company had one of the most successful weeks in twenty-two years. A true maverick, Martino believes that challenges are only opportunities in disguise. Until today, appointments fill up fast as Martino Cartier Salon continues to operate even under the new normal’s safety guidelines and ongoing national and global crisis caused by one of the roughest years of the century. Today, Martino looks forward to hiring more staff and salon professionals from all walks of life.

In all that Martino has accomplished, he remains grounded. A philanthropist, he uses his success to pay goodness forward to others. Martino started Wigs and Wishes, a non-profit program that provides free wigs to women battling cancer. Through the institution and its founder’s efforts, they now create over 25,000 wigs every year. 

To learn more about Martino Cartier and his highly successful salon and styling brand, check out their website. You can also visit Wigs and Wishes’ official website to see the impact they make on others through their charity work.