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Muffik Orthopedic Floor Mats: Sensory Play for Healthy Feet

Young children learn about the world through exploration. Their play is usually a sensory experience, touching, smelling, and sometimes even tasting the things they are playing with. This sensory play is crucial for development and growth, and a lack of sensory stimuli can cause issues for the children later in life. Aside from playing using their hands, children also need to play and experience a variety of sensory stimuli on their bare feet. This type of sensory play is what Muffik is advocating for. 

Muffik Puzzle Floor tiles are a new, fun, and innovative product for children. It is a set of puzzle shaped floor tiles that are created with different textures from nature. Some of their textures include grass, logs, and shells on a beach. The floor tiles are interchangeable, and children and parents can make their own puzzle trail, pathway, or maze in any way that they like.

The Muffik puzzle mats aim to provide children with varied textures to walk on, which emulates nature, providing a more sensory-rich walking experience that flat floors cannot provide. These orthopedic puzzle mats come with hard and soft surfaces that strengthen children’s feet and legs and help them develop stronger joints and better balance. 

Muffik also launched a flooring system for an entire room, with padding, acoustic absorption, and anti-skid properties. Each tile of this flooring system is interchangeable with any of the textured floor tiles, so parents and children can quickly assemble and rearrange the floors to their liking.

This company combines nature with the latest technology in the creation of their puzzle mats. They provide a high-quality product engineered to have specific benefits. They use natural elements such as wood, shells, and pebbles and make a mold of it using advanced technologies. Through this process, Muffik mats are able to provide the tactile experience of nature even though families live in cities with limited access to outdoor play spaces.

Muffik is a company that cares about childhood development. They host a lot of giveaways for charitable causes, as well as events and contests. Their products are sold on Coby and Bam, a store that focuses on providing sensory products that are perfect for education, fun, and stimulation. Lakikid has also partnered with Cody and Bam to help provide Muffik orthopedic tiles to children who need them the most.

Muffik provides a way for parents to enrich their children’s lives with more sensory play. Running or walking barefoot on a variety of surfaces helps a young child develop skills and strength. And while access to nature may be limited, Muffik can give a similarly tactile rich environment that can stimulate children and aid in their development. With interchangeable tiles, parents can engage in fun imaginative play with their children as they build a forest clearing, a grassy field, or a shell-filled beach all within the comforts and safety of their own home. With Muffik orthopedic puzzle mats, sensory and imaginative play becomes easier.

For more information on Muffik, you may visit this website.

‘Fighting All Monsters’: A Charitable Institution that Redefines Support for Families with Children Suffering From Cancer

There is nothing more worthwhile than having the ability to help others. The edifying feeling that comes with being able to alleviate others’ pains has proven to create a lasting impact that fuels some people to help more. Although this selfless act of lending a hand is easier said than done for some, others have made it their life’s purpose to ease the unfortunate circumstances that some people go through their lives. 

And with countless misfortunes that have taken over the lives of many, more people have stepped up to extend what they can to those who are continuously suffering.

Charged with a heart that can fill a void with its everlasting glow, Milk Tyson has sufficiently shown that the beauty in the act of helping is beyond the amount of money that one can pledge. Instead, it is defined in the dedication that a person is willing to devote despite the challenges that come with it. And with Milk’s immeasurable commitment to take the edge off of things, he decided to create Fighting All Monsters – an avenue where people can support and help each other as a FAMily.

Fighting All Monsters, also known as FAM, is a nonprofit organization designed to provide quality assistance for families with children facing one of the most life-threatening diseases known to man – Cancer. It mainly helps affected families go through these trying times with various resources that could ease the burdens that these people face almost every day. FAM also seeks to extend help by streamlining the process and cutting out complicated procedures for the families to acquire the needed aid.

However, FAM’s charitable pursuits are beyond its ability to raise funds for its beneficiaries. Apart from providing cash aid, FAM also sends gadgets to children in treatment for their entertainment, keeps the families’ rents and mortgages in check, and provides transportation for cancer patients to smoothly visit treatment facilities. FAM also launched programs that help other members of the family to cope with the crisis. They have recently introduced an avenue where mothers of Cancer patients can acquire decent fitting undergarments. And as the pandemic continues to plague countries worldwide, FAM has been able to provide emergency relief for these struggling families.

But apart from the variety of services that the organization has given to its beneficiaries, FAM takes pride in its ability to go beyond the whims and caprices of a cookie-cutter organization. While other charitable institutions boast of efficient and systematic ways to help more people benefit from their programs, FAM believes in the power of quality in tailor-fitted methods when giving aid. 

Through their efforts, FAM has reached out to thousands of families who deserve the help. The partnership they foster extends beyond the moment the organization has provided cash assistance to these beneficiaries. In other words, FAM’s support entails a lifelong commitment to each and every family.

FAM’s overarching altruistic vision owes much of its vigor to its founder’s zeal in helping families face adversity. Without Milk’s passion and devotion, FAM would have limited itself to the confinement of an ordinary fundraising institution.

To know more about FAM, you may visit their website.

House of Helping Hands and Its Mission to Help Children Overcome Abuse

A staggering 72% of women who came from abusive relationships decided to stay because they had no means to provide for their children. This also means that a considerably large number of children were made to withstand the traumatic experience of being silent witnesses to the abuse or be victims themselves. House of Helping Hands, a charitable institution, is making it their mission to remove these children from their toxic environment and help them overcome their trauma.

House of Helping Hands is a place of refuge for both women and their children who are victims of abuse, whether physically or sexually. Aside from being able to avail of a safe housing facility where they can recuperate from the trauma, they are also made to go through helpful therapy sessions to help them deal with their difficult experiences. Furthermore, women are made to undergo a skills development program to help them get job placements that will secure a better future for them and their children. 

“We envision a broad network of mentoring and adult support to foster youth. With this support, we seek to prevent foster youth from becoming delinquent from school, homeless, or involved with the juvenile justice system. We believe adult mentorship can also help prevent drug abuse and teen pregnancy. For foster youth to benefit from this support, the broader culture must change its view of them. We seek to erase the stigma of foster care and ensure that from the moment a child enters the foster system, they are surrounded by stable, loving, trained adults,” explains Eli Hilomen, founder of House of Helping Hands. 

Despite their painful past, the hardworking staff at House of Helping Hands believe that children who are victims of abuse need not become liabilities in their respective communities. Instead, the institution is helping them process their experience, talk about their emotions, express themselves in a manner that helps them heal on the inside, and how to overcome their trauma. In doing this, the House of Helping Hands trained therapists are confident that they can one day become contributors to the community. 

The House of Helping Hands offers evening and daytime support group meetings where women are educated about their rights, learn how to recognize domestic violence, understand the barriers of leaving, and learn legal insights at the same time. Trained members of the staff help victims process their options and see things from a better perspective. Coming up with a concrete plan is something that victims get to experience so they can plot the beginning of their new life. Counseling services in English and Spanish are available.

As House of Helping Hands is a charitable institution, it relies on its donors and social partners for financial and other types of support to cater to the immediate and short-term needs of the victims. The success of the institution and its many advocacies is only possible with the help and support of donors from around the country. Without them, the vision of providing a new life for women and their children cannot be fully realized. Learn more about the House of Helping Hands by visiting its website. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

How Barbara Decker Saves Families With Her “Love Another Way” Approach

The Transformative Boundaries Experience is the only program for mothers of adult children with substance abuse disorders that demonstrate how to encourage recovery. Founder Barbara Decker has built a system that helps each parent decide how to do what is best for them. Barbara was inspired to create the program after a heartbreaking time in her life. Now she finds great fulfillment in the work she does every day with parents who are regaining peace in their homes and their hearts, even though addiction has entered their worlds.

Barbara Decker knew something was wrong the second the phone rang at midnight. Alarm bells went off in her head before she even answered. That night, she had been hit with a terrible truth: her son, Eric, was suffering from psychosis due to his drug addiction.

Barbara was in disbelief. How did she miss all the signs? She did everything she could to intervene with Eric’s addiction. Unfortunately, nothing she did helped, and her attempts only made her son resent her more and more.

Desperate for answers, Barbara pleaded with a behavioral therapist for help. What he told her changed her entire approach with her son: “There’s nothing you can do that will help your son. Only he can choose recovery.” After this realization, Barbara started focusing on herself. What she discovered changed hers and Eric’s life. Eric has now been in active recovery for over two years with no relapses. After she started helping herself and changing her responses to the impact of Eric’s addiction, he chose recovery for himself.

Now, Barbara has made it her mission to share all the hard lessons she has learned with other parents to help them find success in encouraging their children to choose recovery with the Transformative Boundaries Experience. She started with a small beta group in May 2019. Now, over thousands have used her methods with phenomenal success. Mothers are improving their lives while also helping their children choose recovery. Their relationships are thriving, and they are learning the best ways to interact with, support, and encourage their adult children to overcome the challenges the disease of addiction brings. Because of her efforts, families are regaining peace in their homes and in their hearts. These heartwarming results have encouraged her to share her program far and wide.

Barbara’s Love Another Way approach provides an action-oriented way of dealing with a family member’s addiction. The program teaches parents how to set Transformative Boundaries, how to avoid enabling the addiction, and many other important strategies. These are easy-to-learn strategies that allow parents to move from one side of the room to the other. Barbara creates a nurturing environment for parents as they learn this system. This community and support of others are required before most parents can move to a healthy place. Barbara’s program covers everything from witnessing the first signs of an addicted child to coping with the struggle of relapses. These programs help parents find ways to support their addicted children without destroying the family.

Barbara Decker knows and understands the pain there is in seeing a child fall into addiction. Through her Love Another Way approach, Barbara hopes more and more families may be saved from this pain.

Learn more about Barbara’s story and the work that came out of it on her website or her Facebook page.