How Twenty2 Media Founder Lexi Hill Is Ushering In a New Era of Marketing

In today’s modern world, where everyone’s feeds are cluttered with senseless ads and hyper-stimulating content, it can be pretty tough to create scroll-stopping content that’s just right.

Digital-media expert Lexi Hill has figured out a way to do just that, with Twenty2 Media, a digital-first consulting agency and media brand specializing in the strategic creation and production of mission-driven brand identities for companies spanning an array of industries, large and small.

Lexi’s aptitude comes from just under a decade of experience, and along the way, she’s fine-tuned an extensive skill set that touches on just about every aspect of multimedia creation and operations. This edge has allowed her to create and grow Twenty2 Media to become an extension of every client, strategically crafting one-of-a-kind campaigns and skillfully managing multiple large-scale programs through the consultancy and brand’s content-driven website. 

After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in journalism and mass communications in 2018, Lexi moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to continue her education and start her career. She led the strategic curation and creation of all content mediums and digital partnerships of a 200-person law firm and its full-service creative agency. In addition to crafting the firm’s communications and marketing deliverables, she manages Twenty2 Media full-time.

Lexi Hill spent the first five-plus years of her career creating content for millennials and gen-Zers, along the way learning what makes them tick and what puts them off. She has since learned to sway and flow with these trends, continuously evolving with their new favorite platforms of engagement. As such, she has become an expert in engaging with the younger demographic, whether it’s understanding the content they want to read, the advertising that will make them click more, or the social media strategy that will get them to follow and subscribe. Lexi, and by extension, Twenty2 Media, have their smartphones automatically on the pulse of the latest trends among the twenty-somethings. Lexi’s naturally keen on what makes them tick because she’s one of them. Beyond that, Twenty2 Media’s expertise fills in the gaps of any brand, for any age demographic.

In addition to helping brands achieve their goals through Twenty2 Media’s full-service consulting agency, Lexi also runs her agency’s expansive continent-driven digital brand. This includes editorial, podcast, influencer, and social verticals, propelling Twenty2’s mission to create a community and resource hub for post-grad millennials and gen-Zers in an increasingly digital-first world.

Twenty2 Media’s core audience is two-fold: the millennials and gen-Zers that make up their readers, typically those going through a transitional period such as graduation or a career shift and the decision-making professionals that make up their consulting clients, partners, and advertisers.

Lexi’s strategies are all organic because she’s a millennial herself, part of a generation that grew up with smartphones, social media, and reality TV. Millennials are constantly redefining the digital media landscape—they don’t want an overly conceptualized marketing strategy or fake PR communications. They want real, to-the-point messaging.

When she’s not interviewing changemakers and disruptive brands for verticals on Twenty2’s burgeoning media brand or crafting campaigns for clients within the consultancy, Lexi is managing her pug, Big’s, Instagram, taking a new class to further her tool kit, or getting on the stage for the occasional stand-up routine.

Find out more about Lexi on Instagram. Stay up to date with Twenty2 on the website, and follow the lifestyle brand and the media company on Instagram.