United Score Takes the Lead in Credit Repair and Credit Education to Future-Proof Clients’ Credit Profile

Being denied credit and seeing your credit score drop lower and lower is extremely discouraging, especially when you are clueless about how credit scores and credit standing work. This was how Abrianne Dillard felt years ago when she faced financial challenges that left her unable to pay bills. The eye-opening experience led her to establish United Score, a company taking the lead in credit repair and restoration while equipping clients with the necessary knowledge about how credit works.

Born and raised in the Southern part of Chicago, Abrianne witnessed firsthand how difficult it is to be denied credit. For a time in her life, she did not have enough money to pay her credit card, car payments, and other bills. She saw how her credit score of 500 dropped lower and lower. At this point, she felt hopeless, lost, and stuck, not knowing how to establish or rebuild her credit. Eventually, she found out that credit repair was possible. However, when she finally had her new credit score of 620, she still had no idea what to do with it. 

She decided to educate herself deeper on credit repair. She found out that many black and brown people were clueless about the importance of good credit. This encouraged her to make a difference. After years of trial and error, her determination and in-depth knowledge paid off. She started taking care of her family and friends’ credit problems, and when her business started booming, United Score was established. What makes her company different from the rest is Abrianne’s focus on educating the clients properly on top of repairing their credit profiles. 

United Score analyzes clients’ credit reports to identify the negative items that are destroying the client’s credit profiles. The analysis is then followed by a customized “game plan,” based on the client’s needs to repair the credit profile. The company also takes the time to educate clients on maintaining a favorable credit profile, increasing credit scores to purchase cars or homes, and establishing businesses by obtaining business credit or funding. Ultimately, the company strives to offer “great credit, great education, and a great life.” 

United Score has become a rising credit repair expert by combining credit knowledge and the required skills in credit restoration. The company takes pride in its customer-focused and results-oriented approach, which helps establish strong relationships with clients. The techniques employed by the company have been used by only 3% of its competitors nationwide. 

Today, United Score holds a whopping 100% client-satisfaction rate. According to company owner Abrianne, “This right here is what we are most proud of. This is what motivates us to continue to grow and learn new and better ways to enhance the company and services to offer our clients.” She hopes to make her company a one-stop shop for clients looking to restore their standing and learn more about business and personal credit. 

Abrianne hopes to remind people that no matter how bad their credit standing is, there is still hope for them, and United Score is committed to making a positive difference for them.

To know more about United Score, check out their website.