From a Life of Crime to a Life of Purpose, Ex-Convict Helps Convicted Felons Overcome Incarceration

People discover life’s purpose in the most unexpected ways. It sometimes takes adversity to open one’s consciousness to life’s highest calling. Unfortunately, too many people this kind of wake up call to see life beyond their desires and greed. Motivational speaker and fitness coach, Dale Robinson, learned all of these the hard way.

Robinson spent a good part of his adult life locked behind bars. He regrets having done the crimes he engaged in but does not regret the pain and hard life he experienced away from his loved ones. Incarceration opened his eyes to the good that his new self can do for the community and his family. And so, he waited patiently for his sentence to come to pass until it was time to return to society. When this finally happened, he maximized his time. It was his turn to serve the community that never turned its back on him. Robinson continues to make a positive impact on people in and out of his town.

The 44-year-old author of the book The Making of a Guru is currently enjoying life as a devoted husband and loving father to 2 sons and 1 little girl. He actively volunteers in his local church, connects with young people in the community, and visits inmates in prison. It is his regular visits to prison that inspire convicted felons to hope for a better life outside of jail. While the hope Robinson experienced is an expensive commodity in prison, he can spark the same in the hearts of the inmates.

The Making of a Guru gives readers a transparent background of the kind of life that Robinson lived before he received a second chance. It introduces a 7-step program that readers can use to address needs in different areas in their lives. Be it physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual, Robinson knows what readers are going through.. 

The book can be considered an eye-opener. One does not have to be a convicted felon to live with regret. Robinson teaches people that the past does not define the overall personality of a person. The past gifted him with a lifetime’s worth of lessons. He wishes to share the same gifts to people who need encouragement during a crisis.

Robinson is the founder and owner of G.U.R.U. Fitness. He also founded the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation. The Foundation is a source of hope for children affected by incarceration. It provides protection and support, especially during hard times. It also aims to educate families about the power of redemption, restoration, and resiliency.

Moreover, to help people live healthier lives, Robinson launched his G.U.R.U. Fitness on June 01, 2020, available in both Apple App Store and Google Play. Fitness enthusiasts can experience a new way of staying fit and healthy. 

From life’s most profound hurt comes the most significant lessons ever learned. Robinson is a living testament to how good things can come out of bad experiences. Let him speak to your life by getting his book or downloading his app.

Visit Robinson’s website today and see how he impacts lives through his motivational talks and fitness program.