HumanityConnectinitiative Is One Organization That Will Give You Faith in Humanity

These days, it’s hard to keep your faith in humanity. Especially in this time of a pandemic, it’s not hard to find stories of people having little to no regard for fellow human beings. It seems that good news is too elusive these days. You’re more likely to read news of being putting others in harm’s way than good deeds. And because of that, you’ll likely lose faith in humanity at least once a day.

Thankfully, there still are good people out there. And some of them make up the team of HumanityConnectinitiative. HumanityConnectinitiative is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that was initiated to inspire others through the art of peace, prosperity, and unity to forge equality for all.

This sounds like a big goal to work toward, and it is. But the team at HumanityConnectinitiative is more than willing to take it on.

This organization raises funds to aid the less fortunate domestically and internationally. They also aim to share stories of people from all walks of life, from all over the world. This way, more people would learn that we’re not so different from our fellow human beings, and it would foster empathy for everyone who needs it.

They believe that humanity can work as one, without prejudice or discrimination involved. All over the world, there are injured and ill people, orphans, traumatized people, and immigrants who are treated differently by people around them. And this organization aims to shed light and awareness on the people who need assistance. Through the funds they raise, they provide service and take action to raise public awareness of the world’s most pressing issues today. And this whole organization started with one man’s capacity to care.

Anwar Zeidan is the founder and executive director of HumanityConnectinitiative. Anwar’s dream is to become a nurse and to travel the world to aid all the less fortunate people. His hopes include applying the medical skills he learned during the various mission trips he will take to countries or cities in need. He hopes to keep using his abilities and capabilities to good use.

For instance, he says that he and his team are working to help domestically by donating hundreds of surgical masks to a local hospital as well as “get well soon” cards to the patients and appreciation letters to the medical staff. Also, they will be donating plates of food that will feed the two busiest floors dealing with severely ill patients — step down & M-ICU (Intensive Care Unit). The medical staff barely have time to eat; they are working around the clock attending to their patients, with the current situation of the novel Coronavirus.

Most importantly, they will have their first international mission trip to Jordan and Palestine to help the refugees with basic daily necessities such as water, food, toiletries, and hygienic items. And they will deliver medical aid and basic checkups to those in need overseas.

As long as people are willing to work for this initiative, you’ll never lose faith in humanity again.