Team Wu Magic: Soon to Become the Number 1 Magician Team in the US

Coming into Toronto, Canada as an exchange student, Johnny Wu was relentlessly bullied in school. He was alone and could not speak a single English word, and the constant bullying destroyed his self-esteem and confidence. However, it all changed when he learned magic, which became a universal language for him to communicate, overcome bullying, and survive in school. 

After that, he learned to channel his pain and frustration into magic and eventually perform for the biggest names in Hollywood. Today, Johnny Wu is far from the quiet, mercilessly bullied exchange student. He has redefined his story as a celebrity magician, mentalist, and hypnotist who has performed for A-list celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Jessica Alba, Jaden Smith, Paris Hilton, Marshmello, and Paul Pierce. He has also performed his magic to popular YouTubers like Logan Paul, Faze Clan, and Alex Wassabi. 

For Johnny, “Magic isn’t card tricks or sleight of hands. Magic is an experience that you can’t describe with words.” And indeed, it is.

His shows always leave his audience in awe and out of words. Although there are already a lot of magic shows from anywhere around the world, Johnny loves to surprise his audience with a refreshing and novel take on presenting magic by using up-to-date technology such as social media to enhance the experience of his audience. In fact, he was awarded the Most Innovative Magic award in 2018 for using phones for mind-reading, where he opened music videos that the caller was thinking about.

Since then, Johnny has been going on around the world. He has conducted corporate magic shows for big brands such as Tesla, BMW, Kaiser Permanente, Apple, Rolex, Google, Bank of America, MGM Grand, Disney, The Honest Company, Blizzard Entertainment, Macy’s, Hulu, Universal Studios, US Bank, McLaren, Beats by Dr. Dre, WestCoast Customs, Amblin Entertainment, and PWC. 

Later on, he realized he needed to do something more. He then created Team Wu Magic to share this talent to others not only to inspire but also to empower someone and shed light that, despite the struggles, there is always a time for you to shine. With several apprentices who he trains personally to become master magicians like himself, they are now performing their magic together in so many shows. Doing so gives more people a unique experience to experience magic. This pushed Johnny to become a notable person in the magic industry with his reputation and his fast-growing team, Team Wu. He is even thought of as the “unicorn of all magicians.”

Sooner or later, Johnny and his entire magician team will become one of the largest magician teams in the US. It has always been his vision to see many magicians, whom he trained, perform across different states, performing his legacy and changing people’s perspective on magic tricks, and then giving them an incredible experience something they will never forget.

Although Johnny didn’t know any English words, didn’t have friends, and didn’t have confidence a few years back, he had bravery in him to take his power into his hands, do magic, and stand up against bullies for himself, and now, for others.

To know more about Johnny Wu and experience magic like never before, visit his website and Team Wu’s website.