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NFT Project Lions Not Sheep Donates Mint Revenue to Military Veteran Programs

Lions Not Sheep NFT is an NFT project that metaverse enthusiasts should observe actively over the next few months. It’s a project with a foundation of getting people’s houses in order and aligning with those that feel the same. This NFT is a ticket to one of the largest communities in the world, Lions Not Sheep. 

“We teach people about physicality and body, wealth management, creation and marketing, meditation and clear consciousness, clear programming, and even relationships,” says one of the co-founders. Lions Not Sheep had a grassroots start in 2014 with a single tee shirt printed by Sean Whalen that he wore to wake people up to the fact that it was time to stop blindly following the news and media channels. Within days requests started flooding in asking to buy one.  

Back in 2016, people started asking him if he would coach them in their business and personal lives. From this, the Lion’s Den was born, which is Sean’s private coaching and networking group. To date, the Lion’s Den has 3,000 members, and the Monthly Membership fee is $297. This is not just some cheap Facebook Group. The Den has become a premium networking and personal growth group for both men and women, it only opens its doors to new members a few times per year. 

Greg W Anderson is also known as “the Architect” for restructuring several businesses building over 92 company’s systems or platforms. Joining Sean in this journey as CTO of Lions Not Sheep, they more than doubled the size of Lion’s Den through engineering better systems.

The Lions Not Sheep train has left the station with a ton of momentum and they are inviting avid NFT fans to hop aboard to enjoy the ride with them. This amazing NFT project is launching its Play to Earn Video game inside the NFT world ecosystem. The community and their ecosystem are influenced by their utility called Do Good Initiative where one percent of their mint revenue goes directly to military veteran programs. 

Entering successfully into the market today is like entering the Internet game in the 90s. Those individuals and companies crafted the reality they live in today. Those that lead the NFT space today, will help craft what the next generation is exposed to over the next 20 years and more. 

With an already successful brand, founders with a long-term vision, a built-in community, with lots of love and support from their friends, they have been able to skip the wildly expensive marketing campaigns which normally eat up massive chunks of the mint revenue. This allows them to focus on utility and giving value back to the community. 

Lion Not Sheep NFT has a lot of core utilities that are included in their project but their most prized one is “The Freeman’s World’s Fair”. In mid-2023, Lions Not Sheep will host the FreeMan World’s Fair. This in-person and Metaverse-live-streamed event will become the pinnacle event promoting all things freedom-based. 

Simply put, if one combines a music festival, a gun show, a boat, a car, and a motorcycle show, with the best companies, amazing speakers, and Freedom all wrapped up into a two-day even. A Lions Not Sheep NFT as it is an entrance ticket for the next three years. Every NFT is unique and stands for Freedom and is designed for the times people are living in right now. As the community grows, the value of the NFT grows which directly impacts the holders as they can choose to sell their NFT at a profit.

Things Are Looking Up for Controversial NFT Project Not Okay Bears Surface With NFT Influencer Hustler at Its Helm

For the most part, the NFT space prides itself on having a massive community of like-minded individuals. However, in a large group like it, there are always those who tend to go against the flow. While most people think of it as a negative thing, individuals who challenge the norm are essential to innovation. One such project that aims to change the status quo is Not Okay Bears.

In the past, the venture has earned the ire of many and has divided the community, especially regarding the venture’s issues. Because its artwork showcase left-facing Okay Bears on Solana blockchain, some call it a knock-off collection that was put on the Ethereum blockchain. On the other hand, its supporters and many supporters believe in the vision of the enterprise, its advocacy for mental health awareness and a form of artistic expression. 

However, things are looking up for the highly turbulent NFT venture. Recently, it has undergone some changes after NFT influencer Hustler (Joe Vargas) took over. He has been a solid supporter of the project since its inception and the instrumental part of Not OKay Bears going viral, and now, he has acquired ownership of the whole Not Okay Bears project. In fact, Hustler is responsible for the viral quote “Solana is for the poor” which is now a part of the culture of Solana that has been embraced by the Solana community and even creators of Solana as humour. Hustler began the ‘Ethereum vs Solana’ war that was started as a competitive in nature banter. 

Hustler shared his plans to purchase the venture via the popular social media site Twitter. He wrote, “BREAKING: I just made an offer inside Not Okay Bears Discord to take over the project 100%. The founder has 6 hours to respond in my DMs or offer is off the table.” He then tweeted later that day, “Word is out. I am now the Founder [Owner] of @Not_OkayBears. We are really not going to be okay.”

Following this change, the new Not Okay Bears owner joined a Twitter space hosted by another NFT influencer. When people asked him about his decision to put a 7.5% royalty on secondary sales and how he could justify it, Hustler directly answered, “We don’t have to do anything … The project has no money. We can’t do anything with no money.”

While the response earned the frustration and dismay of many, Hustler and his supporters maintain that it was the right move and will fight the hypocrisy that runs rampant in web3. Hustler pointed out that the vast majority of the NFT space is hypocritical as the same people mad at what Not Okay Bears are doing, their wallet is filled with stolen art and derivatives that they are okay with as long as they are making money. After all, many other new and established projects impose royalties. Hustler even called out the criticisms made by some that only seem to target Not Okay Bears and not many other projects.

He expressed in the tweet, “GM to everyone besides the ppl that launched a new project and added 5%-10% royalties because that’s a big no-no to the NFT hypocrites. You’re new & not supposed to make money according to them. Shame on all of you. Don’t worry tho, they will cherry-pick who to be mad at.” 

Since the inception of Not Okay Bears, Hustler has added utility to support mental health awareness, added a roadmap to the project and much more. Not Okay Bears has donated over 35eth to support mental health awareness thus far and will continue to support the initiative in the future.  

It goes without saying that Not Okay Bears has had its fair share of problems in the short past that they have overcome with perseverance and focusing on building a bond with their community. However, with Hustler leading the enterprise, people are eager to see what awaits the highly promising venture in the future as many are very happy with what they have seen from him thus far.  

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Metapump NFT Looks to Merge NFTs and Fitness in One Experience

Non-fungible tokens have turned the world upside down with a concept that brings technology, art, and finance into one innovation. Accordingly, people have been seeking out ways to enter this sphere without all the confusion and doubt. One project that provides both clarity and utility is Metapump, an NFT collection that aims to bridge decentralized applications and fitness into one ecosphere.

Metapump NFT is a collection of up to 9,600 unique 3-D characters that look to bring the fitness and health industry into the blockchain. The tokens’ artwork takes on the likeness of Jay Cutler, and it hopes to promote healthy lifestyles while giving people the chance to enter into the metaverse via a mint that resonates with them at a personal level. 

The project is the output of Whitney Reid and Jay Cutler himself, who have worked on launching the Metapump NFT collection to the investing and collecting public. Some of the tokens will become access tokens, providing people with discounts for Cutler Nutrition and Cutler Athletics, two brands owned by Jay Cutler, who has over 10M followers between 3 platforms. The founders also hope to expand the fitness brands that the NFTs give discounts for over the next few months. 

The project came to its founder Whitney Reid after experiencing the beauties of the fitness industry and the NFT world. He has over twenty years of experience in fitness, spending the last eleven with BPI sports. He has dedicated his time and energy to growing the brand and overall awareness of fitness for all those years. One opportunity he saw to do that was through NFTs. “I was an early investor in crypto and started investing in NFTs around the beginning of COVID lockdowns,” shares Whitney. Reid “I am a collector at heart, a massive sports card and memorabilia collector, and love investing in alternative assets, so NFTs fit me perfectly. I started with NBA Top Shot, VeeFriends, and many others.”

The Metapump NFT collection will also be a way of bringing together collectors. Moreover, it will give them access to the team and founder and grant one lucky holder a VIP red carpet trip to the Mr. Olympia contest, which will happen in Las Vegas in mid-December. Mr. Olympia is known to be “the Super Bowl of fitness.” The Metapump team has been more than privileged to have one of the biggest promoters of the event as one of the collaborators for the mint collection. The Metapump team hopes to leverage that access to that network and collaborate with athletes, celebrities, fitness personalities, and many more.

The Metapump NFT collection will also give mint owners access to Jay Cutler via Zoom calls, VIP meetups, and live streams. Additionally, many minters will also get access to exclusive apparel, in-person training, and many more benefits and utilities.

As one of the first groups to run a project like this, Whitney and Jay have more significant motivators than money. “I’m sure we could have just launched images of Jay and sold plenty, but that isn’t our goal,” explains Reid. “Ultimately, I want to be a driving force in the Web3 fitness community. I know it could be many years down the road, and it will be a significant investment, but I am dedicated to this project.”