How Barefoot Rehab Is Alleviating Chronic Pain With Revolutionary Non-Surgical Options

Leading healthcare professional Dr. Chris Stepien is shedding light on one of the most common but least-talked-about causes of chronic pain: adhesion. This widespread problem is the focus of his clinic. Barefoot Rehab is a premier chronic pain relief clinic in Denville, New Jersey.

Adhesion in the body acts like glue, causing muscles to be both tight and weak where no amount of stretching or strengthening can help. Not many chronic pain sufferers know about this. Thankfully, patients can achieve significant permanent relief after getting it checked by an integrative diagnosis doctor.

Barefoot Rehab is the result of Dr. Chris Stepien’s revolutionary test-treat-retest methodology model for chronic pain resolution. Using this method, Barefoot Rehab can promise chronic pain sufferers noticeable permanent pain relief in 1 to 5 treatments. Within a matter of minutes, specialists at Barefoot Rehab can find and remove adhesion in their patient’s body, which is sometimes recognized as scar tissue.

The clinic’s cutting-edge technology allows Dr. Chris to check his work to see progress as it is made. This means that patients can see faster and more permanent progress than any treatment they have had before.

Before settling in New Jersey, Dr. Chris Stepien was in active practice in New York for over a decade. There, he was well-known for his innovative and steadfast approach to the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal injuries with coexisting depression, guilt, shame, anxiety, and emotional suffering. His medical breakthrough has alleviated chronic pain for countless patients all over the country.

Dr. Chris graduated with honors from Franklin & Marshall College, where he received his degree in biology. He earned his doctor of chiropractic degree from the esteemed New York Chiropractic College. In his younger years, he had an active career in football. He was the captain of his college football team and its MVP in 2005. He also received the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Good Works Team Award in 2005. His sports career—and all the sports-related injuries and body aches he has suffered—helped him understand further the proper functions of the musculoskeletal system and the systems behind injury prevention/rehabilitation.

On the flip side, his personal life has been a long battle with anxiety and depression. Dr. Chris has admitted that sometimes, it’s difficult for him to get motivated and find any reason to get out of bed. What helps him get by is his ultimate goal of helping others live life pain-free, healthy, and flourishing in happiness. Among 6,000 other chiropractors in New Jersey, his clinic is the only one that relieves chronic pain through non-surgical manual adhesion removal. 

One of Barefoot Rehab’s many goals is to help diminish the effects of the opioid epidemic. In his career, Dr. Chris has seen countless people succumb to their addictions because of unnecessary medications that only complicated their conditions. Barefoot Rehab is the only clinic in the country with non-surgical manual adhesion removal specialists. Their four specialists have given countless chronic pain sufferers permanent pain relief without shots, drugs, or surgery.

To add to their non-surgical wellness treatments, the clinic is working toward a “wholeness center” that treats patients with energy healing, shamanism, psychotherapy, and functional medicine to round out their root problems. Dr. Chris plans to greatly expand their services to be able to cater to even more patients.

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