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A Guide To Confident Decision Making: From Keynote Speaker Paul Epstein

Paul Epstein
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Making better decisions faster can be a crucial skill in the business world, where time and resources are often limited. By being able to master the art of making these decisions more effectively and confidently, with less effort and time investment, you can absolutely change the game in your future. 

The average person makes about 35,000 decisions in a single day. All these decisions can range from being something small, like what to wear in the morning, or they can be significant changes in your life, for example, your career or financial investments. Understanding how to make a better decision faster can absolutely change lives, careers, and companies. Paul Epstein is a highly experienced and sought-after speaker who focuses on leadership and confident decision-making, and is an expert in coaching others in doing just that. With almost 20 years of experience in professional sports and consulting for Fortune 100 organizations, Paul has a unique perspective on making better decisions faster and playing offense in defensive environments. 

So how does someone make better decisions faster? It may seem as though it is not something that can easily be done; however, Paul believes that there is a three-step process that he has used to turn around many lives and helped them move more confidently towards their goals. This is all because of the Head + Heart = Hands (HHH) equation. This equation is a simple and repeatable method that utilizes our three fundamental human tools to enhance our ability to make quicker and more effective decisions. In this equation, the first H, Head, represents mindset and awareness, Heart represents authenticity and ownership, while the Hands represent action and intention–each H influencing the quality of our every day decisions. By utilizing the HHH Equation, it will eliminate the discomfort and burden of decision-making and motivate individuals to finally take action.When all three H’s are in alignment, it’s like a green light telling you to go.

This equation has been proven to be transformational in many ways. 

“The quality of business and the quality of life comes down to the decisions we make and the actions we take.” – Paul Epstein, Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Former NFL and NBA Executive. 

Paul believes that if we can take control of our decision-making, it can greatly impact our life. Implementing Paul’s methods in your decision-making process can push people in the right direction of making better decisions faster. When this occurs, that is when the transformation finally begins. 

For high-level executives and individuals that are struggling with decision fatigue or indecision, or if you are an organization that is looking for a confidence boost in strategy or team performance, feel welcome to reference his speaking site and take the “Confidence Quiz.”

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