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A List Tax Solutions Influence on Small Businesses Looking to Expand With Tax Preparation Solutions

Many large corporations today have learned how to not only adapt with times but navigate their way through the whole process of expanding. While they are ripe with potential, small businesses often encounter several setbacks with taxes proving to be one of the greatest obstructions in their expansion. Keisha Smith created A List Tax Solutions as a helping hand for small businesses looking to take their operations to the next level.

A List Tax Solutions is an IRS E-File Provider that offers tax preparation and bookkeeping services to clients throughout the United States. The company is dedicated to providing every client with the highest level of customer service and professionalism while offering clients the maximum refund allowed by the IRS. A List Tax Solution offers a plethora of tax preparation services including audit protection and identity protection. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in fraud and identity theft, prompting the company to do something, protecting their clients.

The team behind A List Tax Solutions is dedicated to creating a customer experience like no other, with each member bringing two decades of experience in customer service and the financial industry. “We’ve been the customer on the other side,” they said. “We understand that every client is unique and their financial picture is different. We help our clients prepare for tax season throughout the year with bookkeeping services, quarterly tax processing, and monthly and quarterly audits to help them stay organized and aware of their financial picture.”

Although there are plenty of companies that provide similar services, A List Tax Solutions manages to stand out thanks to its superb customer service. Founder and CEO Keisha Smith shares that her goal with the company was to create an experience that would leave her clients feeling valued. 

“We ensure our clients feel welcomed and see the sincerity in our work in every interaction,” she shared. “The worst feeling as a client is to feel like the service provider did not listen to your areas or concerns, rushed you through the process, and your needs were not met.”

As a teenager, Keisha Smith worked with her father in his auto collision repair shop where she learned about money management and the operational flow of business. Keisha started her career in the Financial industry, where she noticed her clients were struggling in specific areas regarding their taxes, bookkeeping, and understanding their financial goals for their personal lives. It was there that she was inspired to prepare taxes for her family friends. Over time, Keiisha worked for another company under the mentorship of a tax expert. After working for a great company, Keisha became inspired to do even more for her clients, giving birth to A List Tax Solutions.

Keisha Smith foresees A List Tax Solutions transforming into one of the leading tax preparation service companies in the industry as a household name. “I see myself and my team as the leading tax experts training new and upcoming tax professions on how to establish profitable tax businesses.”Learn more about A List Tax Solutions by visiting their official website.

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