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American beauticians were urged to study the “Diachenko’s method”

If you work with human skin and want to have more satisfied customers, you should read this article carefully to the end. In it, you will find a secret that will help you to acquire a reputation as a genius specialist.

The name of the person who is ready to share such valuable information with you is Anastasiia Diachenko. The secret is her original method of acne control, which not only miraculously relieves the skin of the hated acne, but also turns it into an object of envy of others.

What do we know about Anastasiia Diachenko?

Anastasiia Diachenko was born and raised in the city of Dnipro (Ukraine). She has two professional qualifications – esthetician and technologist of chemical products. The knowledge that Anastasiia Diachenko gained during her studies helped her to develop a unique method to combat acne, which is considered to be the most effective one in Europe.

Anastasiia Diachenko first applied her unique method in 2017. At that time, she ran the Center for Aesthetic Education in Kyiv and opened her own office.

86.3% of her customers expressed admiration when they saw the results of Anastasiia Diachenko’s work. The stunning success of “Diachenko’s Method” was confirmed by the Association of Beauticians of Ukraine, which recommended its wide application.

What does this have to do with America?

In 2019, Anastasiia Diachenko came to New York and immediately confirmed her degree in skin care to the special commission. She opened a small office in Brooklyn and proposed her unique facial care technique for American women.

Success did not take long. Less than a year later, Anastasiia Diachenko moved to a new light office in Manhattan and opened the School of Aesthetic Education. She now plans to open the Anastasiia Diachenko’s School of Aesthetic Education in every major city in the United States, so that her American colleagues – estheticians can do great business and make millions of women happy by returning their natural beauty.

Anastasiia Diachenko’s unique skincare

But that’s not all. Anastasiia Diachenko gave the Americans one more gift. She wrote a book called “Unique skin care by Anastasiia Diachenko,” in which she told in detail about her way of fighting acne and explained how she achieves such amazing results.

The book is a practical manual with a step-by-step description of the whole unique process. In addition, it contains a lot of additional information and recommendations from the personal and professional experience of Anastasiia Diachenko.

Experts who have already read this book came to the conclusion: the manual has every chance to become a bestseller in the field of educational beauty industry. The author herself admits that she is happy to share her knowledge with colleagues and is waiting for them at the School of Aesthetic Education, where she teaches a special course based on the unique “Diachenko’s method.”

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