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Andrew Molen Redefines Formal Dining by Introducing Alta Tuscan Grille to the Okemo Valley

Over the years, industries all across the globe have grown more accessible. Countless go-getters have managed to dip their toes in their target fields and make considerable progress toward the goal of starting and scaling a successful venture. But hand in hand with this accessibility is a high degree of saturation, one that has forced aspirants and established entrepreneurs alike to go all out to stay afloat amid a sea of competitors. While standing out will always prove to be a challenge, American chef Andrew Molen is confident that his brainchild, Alta Tuscan Grille, can secure a coveted spot in the limelight because of what it promises to offer to Ludlow, Vermont. 

The son of a well-accomplished New York restaurant owner, Andrew Molen was exposed to the hospitality industry at an early age. So it was to no one’s surprise that he started carving his own path toward the forefront of the space. Since he transitioned out of the family business, this respected personality has spearheaded the rise of some of the finest restaurants in the City That Never Sleeps and elevated the dining experience by bringing unrivaled customer experiences to local, business, and tourist clientele. 

Despite the long list of achievements under his belt, Andrew Molen continues to solidify his reputation in the field, expanding his reach and introducing nothing but culinary might to numerous areas. Opening Alta Tuscan Grille is one of his latest maneuvers, a move that redefined formal dining for the residents of Ludlow. 

An everyday growing town on the slopes of Okemo Mountain, Ludlow is home to locals and visitors who thrive on the hustle and bustle of seasonal activities. Alta Tuscan Grille aims to emerge as the go-to choice for these adventurers by marrying a classic Italian restaurant, American steakhouse, creative cocktails and an environment that pays homage to the region into one top-notch establishment. Inspired by the cuisine and culture of Italy’s Apuan mountain range, it offers a diverse menu highlighted by many Tuscan staples and uses the finest cuts of beef, pork, veal and the freshest fish available in the Boston fish market. 

Its creation is the fruit of a partnership between Andrew Molen and Troy Caruso, a developer and entrepreneur who fell in love with Ludlow. Alta Tuscan Grille is fast becoming a favorite not only because of the quality of its food but also for the premium experience at the heart of its every service. From the get-go, it has operated under the mission to change how formal dining feels. “What we are hoping to achieve is to serve as one of Vermont’s first formal dining rooms that allows you to come, still be casual, and enjoy your meal,” shared the mind behind this potential powerhouse.

With Andrew Molen at the helm, Alta Tuscan Grille is expected to rise through the ranks and lead Vermont’s food industry in the years to come. 

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