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Arttour International Magazine Highlights Top 60 Mater Artists in Highly Anticipated Awards Ceremony

On the photo from left to right: Artist Ric Coon from USA, Therese Bosclair from Canada, ATIM CEO, Viviana Puello, artist Pako Campo from Spain and artist Jimena Becerra from Mexico. 

What is an artist without a platform? While finding one’s grounds in the art industry may sound easy, many artists struggle to find the perfect avenue for their masterpieces. Hence, Viviana Puello decided to provide global talents with a platform that showcases their works to the world: Arttour International Magazine (ATIM). Having recently conducted the Top 60 Masters Awards Ceremony, , dubbed as the “Oscars of the Visual Arts”, ATIM continues to fulfill its mission of bringing artists into the spotlight.

Over the past 11 years, Arttour International Magazine has been instrumental in inspiring over ten million individuals worldwide. The platform showcases world-class, talented master artists who have dedicated their lives to their crafts. ATIM has provided artists with international exposure, and for some, the platform kickstarted their journey in the industry. ATIM continually expands its horizons to embrace various avenues for artists, including its award-winning magazine, TV show, international events, and more, highlighting talents from over 205 countries.

ATIM held its most awaited ArtTour International’s Top 60 Masters Awards in Manhattan Neighborhood Network Community Media Center in New York on December 10, 2021. Having been put on hold for two years, the awards ceremony has finally gathered artists under one roof.

The Top 60 Masters Awards Ceremony was curated by Viviana Puello herself, together with the graphic direction of Alan Grimandi. The ceremony is the most significant event held by ATIM yet, and it has successfully provided artists with the spotlight they deserve. Patricia Karen Gagic won the ATIM Artist of the Year award, while the Special Art Titan Award was presented to master artist Ric Conn. 

Every artist who participated during the event was granted the ATIM Masters Award and presented with a reproduction of Viviana Puello’s renowned sculpture called Rising Above, a piece created in protest against war, violence, and guns, and aims to bring awareness for world peace. The sculpture was produced in the color Ferrari red as a reminder that the fight for peace and freedom remains to this day. Furthermore, every awardee during the event was given a chance to share their message of peace with the world through whatever platform they deemed necessary. 

“Our intention is clear: to always be active in our support and promotion of the intercultural exchange by showcasing these master artists from over 40 countries across the world. We can bring much-needed awareness of the continued search for global peace,” said Viviana Puello. “And to those exceptional 60 Master Artists, congratulations! You have earned this moment with your hard work, commitment to excellence, and dedication to making this world a better place.”

On top of being the CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and face of ATIM, Viviana Puello is also paying her success forward through her two non-profit organizations: Create 4 Peace and Artists for a Green Planet. Viviana has always been passionate about art and service, and with her two non-profits, she is able to pursue both while simultaneously providing opportunities to artists who want to use their works to make an impact on the rest of the world. 

ATIM is now accepting submissions from artists who want to become part of the 2022 Arttour International’s Top 60 Masters Awards. 

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