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Aselia Amiraeva: A profession that brings pleasure is a great stroke of luck

Aselia Amiraeva
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In order to diversify one’s life, a person from an early age strives to find an occupation for the soul. Some dedicate their free time to sports or dancing, some to art or creativity, and some to in-depth study of specialized subjects or blogging. And often, it happens that a hobby starts to take up more and more of a person’s time, extending beyond leisure. There are many amazing examples of how people’s innocent childhood interests grew into the essence of their lives, becoming their beloved profession. Today, we will talk about the young successful marketer and video/film producer from Kyrgyzstan, Aselia Amiraeva, who at the age of 25, thanks to her hobby and circumstances, managed to find and realize herself in her profession.

From childhood, Aselia was a curious and active child. While studying at a private school, she was elected class president, initiated a school newspaper club, was interested in photography and films, and actively participated in themed summer camps. Excellent academic performance and a good command of the English language allowed her to participate in the “FLEX” exchange program to the United States during her 11th grade. She spent a year studying in an American school and living with a host family in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

This experience greatly influenced her worldview and career choice. Enrolling in the Economics faculty of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, specializing in “World Economy,” Aselia did not confine herself to academics alone. After her first two years of study, she traveled to Germany during summer vacation as part of one of the most popular youth programs, “Work and Travel.” This experience not only allowed her to explore Europe with its diverse cultures but also helped her make valuable connections. In her third year, she completed a mentorship program and interned in the marketing department of the mobile communication company “Beeline.” However, the turning point for her current profession was an internship offer and subsequent job offer in the marketing department of the production studio “1.1 Studio,” which produces films, series, and other media projects.

Working as a digital marketer in the production studio fully engaged Aselia’s creative spirit. In order to grow and become a versatile professional, she attended numerous courses and seminars on promotion, targeting, and advertising. The successful online promotion of projects such as music shows and TV series on national television channels and YouTube, as well as reality shows on social media, allowed her to quickly advance to leading a team of professional videographers, editors, designers, and SMM specialists within a year.

Recognizing her talent, extraordinary abilities, and professional skills, the management of “1.1 Studio” started offering her projects for production. Aselia has undertaken many interesting projects that focus on stories based on or inspired by real events, shedding light on pressing social issues. Her most recent project as an executive producer was the Central Asian TikTok House, where she and her team brought together six popular bloggers from different Central Asian countries, who continuously created content while living under one roof. This TikTok House accumulated a total of 3.8 million followers and over billions views.

This success motivated Aselia to delve deeper into her profession, which she did by successfully completing courses at the New York Film Academy. The producer sees immense potential for video production in Central Asian countries and is confident that their content can be unique and interesting for the American audience. Therefore, she is ready to actively contribute to its presence in the international market.

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