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Author Susan Clawson Releases the First 3 Books of the ‘better lands’ 5-book Dystopian Drama Series about Survivors of a Deadly Pandemic that Devastated the World

Susan Clawson, a rising author, has an incredible knack for bringing characters to life and keeps readers second-guessing what will happen next in her new 5-book dystopian drama series. She has spent a great deal of time over the past couple of years crafting an entertaining yet realistic story that has intrigued all walks of readers, despite its categorization in the apocalyptic realm. 

During the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Susan used much of her free time to write ‘better lands,’ taking the opportunity to build on what was and what could be. The book collection tells the story of what it’s like to show tenacity amidst adversity as we follow many survivors on a tempestuous 45-day foot journey from Burlington, Vermont to an inland peninsula in Kentucky, just after a pandemic killed off over 2/3 of the world’s breathing population and shut down  infrastructure. The plot itself is terrifyingly realistic and holds the readers’ attention, making them wonder what they would do if it really happened. One fan even shared that he couldn’t get through the first book despite it being fictional because it seemed too real, but hoped others would and stated that “it is a fantastic story”.

The ‘better lands’ book series and its underlying scenario can be related to as far back as the early existence of the Earth and all the way through the recent tragedy that shocked the entire world, but importantly, far into the unforeseen future. When asked what motivated the author to select such a relevant and timely theme, she insightfully answered, “Well, it certainly makes one think about what we would do if we were thrust into something similar. In some small way, maybe it can help us prepare and understand that we can survive as long as we stay resilient. After all, we’ve done it for centuries and will continue to do so because the world will always have a pause to cause surrounding treacherous times during its existence.”

The ‘better lands’ five-book series is now currently undergoing film adaptation for the collection’s first book, ‘THE DISCOVERIES’. Susan hopes to attract more readers who enjoy dystopian, apocalyptic, dramatic, and “what if” type stories. 

The series has earned multiple praises from avid fans. One Amazon review states, ”What an amazing story! ‘better lands’ breaks the mold of your typical dystopian novel and really thinks outside the box. The characters are well developed and the story is a nonstop page-turner!” Another fan says, “The characters are so relatable! You either identify with or know someone like each of the characters. Such a fitting story in today’s challenges. It really makes you think…What if?!”

During a recent interview, the author joked about not underestimating her characters’ strengths as they are the ones that took over the direction of the storyline. Then she adamantly added,   “And let’s all hope it all stays fictional.” 

Susan isn’t just writing. She also works on promoting and selling her books and is also a part-time recruiter-trainer for reps across the country in the financial industry.  Additionally, the author enjoys using her free time traveling with her husband and tending to her two collector dollhouses.

‘better lands’ continues to capture the hearts of readers around the world as its popularity grows. Visit the author’s website at or her author’s page at to read more about it.

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