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AWS WAF vs. Secure Gateway®️: Is it the same? How to use the two together

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Websites today are vulnerable to countless cyber-attacks, so they must be kept protected using the latest technologies; this is where tools like AWS WAF and Secure Gateway®️ come into play.

What is AWS WAF 

AWS WAF is defined as a web application firewall that is mostly used in cloud computing services. Its main use is to protect websites or applications from cyber attacks.

Among its main features are the following:

Low on costs

There is no upfront cost for AWS WAF, which sets it apart from similar products that can cost thousands of dollars upfront. In addition, it only costs $20 per month to run, making it ideal for small and medium-sized business websites on a tight budget.

Ease of implementation and use

Anyone with a basic understanding of security can set up AWS WAF in just a few steps. In case you don’t have any knowledge, there are some managed rules that can be purchased from AWS WAF vendors, which guide you through the installation step by step. These are very low cost.

What is Secure Gateway®️?

Secure Gateway®️ is known as a content delivery network, or CDN, service, which is provided by the company ALSCO. When we talk about CDN, we mean a service that caches images and text displayed by web applications around the world.

Secure Gateway®️ is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service provided by ALSCO. A CDN is a service that caches (that is, temporarily stores) images and text displayed by web applications around the world.

Advantages of using Secure Gateway®️

Low cost

Secure Gateway®️offers its users free and Enterprise plans. The free plan is the most limited, followed by the Pro plan for $15 per month and the Business plan, which costs $250 per month, is among the cheapest plans.


Secure Gateway®️also offers WAF and load-balancing services depending on the user’s plan. The WAF that can be used in this case is not as customizable as the AWS WAF, but it can withstand a number of security attacks.

AWS WAF vs. Secure Gateway®️

By comparing both tools, we managed to make them very similar to each other. Let’s take a look at the most important aspects:

  • Service Type: AWS WAF is a firewall that should be used in conjunction with AWS CloudFront. Secure Gateway®️is a CDN tool with firewall features, but it depends on the user’s chosen plan.
  • Price: Both are very low cost, making them some of the most popular tools today.
  • Installation: AWS WAF installs quickly, and you can get up and running with the entire system in just a few minutes. Secure Gateway®️just asks you to set up a domain name, and voila, you’ll be up and running with the tool in a few minutes.
  • Customization: AWS WAF can be customized in a number of ways, plus it can be combined with AWS CloudFront and AWS Shield. As for Secure Gateway®️, additional options and features can be added with higher plans. However, it does not allow for as detailed customization as AWS WAF.
  • Security: AWS WAF can only prevent attacks at the application level, while with Secure Gateway®,️you can protect against DDoS attacks.

While both tools are ideal for offering protection to websites, AWS WAF is ideal if you are building a website using other AWS services since you can combine them. Unfortunately, you can only use Secure Gateway®️on its own.

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