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Baggage Claim Worldwide Launches Mental Health Empowerment Tour at University of South Carolina, Spearheaded by Dr. Kiana Dancie

Baggage Claim Worldwide Launches Mental Health Empowerment Tour at University of South Carolina, Spearheaded by Dr. Kiana Dancie
Photo Courtesy: Tammy McGarity

In an era where the dialogue around mental health and emotional well-being is gradually taking center stage, innovative platforms like Baggage Claim Worldwide are emerging as crucial sanctuaries for those seeking to confront and heal from their emotional challenges. This transformative initiative, founded in Atlanta, Georgia by Dr. Kiana Dancie, a multifaceted professional with rich backgrounds in acting, writing, comedy, coaching, and television hosting, has now embarked on a new journey – a collegiate tour with its first stop at the University of South Carolina.

The inception of this tour was marked by a significant event on March 18th in Columbia, SC, where Dr. Dancie was invited by Dr. Mari Ross-Alexander, the associate vice president for student health and well-being at the University of South Carolina. The purpose? To address the professional staff on the pivotal topic of releasing emotional baggage to embrace change in the workplace. This invitation underscores a growing recognition of the importance of fostering an emotionally resilient workforce capable of navigating the fast-paced changes characteristic of today’s work environments.

Baggage Claim Worldwide’s mission is simple yet profound: to provide a safe space for individuals to explore and recover from their deep-seated emotional challenges through introspection, diverse healing practices, laughter therapy, and more importantly, through shared experiences. At its core lies Dr. Dancie’s personal journey of overcoming childhood trauma among other hurdles which she openly shares with her audience. Her stories are not just narratives; they are beacons guiding attendees towards facing their own ‘baggage’, understanding it, and ultimately learning strategies for overcoming these personal barriers.

During her session at the University of South Carolina campus on that crisp spring day in March 2023 witnessed by an eager audience composed mainly of professional staff members but also attracting students intrigued by this novel approach to mental health discussion – Dr. Dancie eloquently delivered her message centered around one powerful mantra: “You are not the bags you carry!” This assertion not only resonates deeply with those burdened by past experiences but also serves as a clarion call urging individuals to recognize their inherent worth beyond their struggles.

Dr. Dancie’s presentation was anything but conventional; it was interspersed with moments of raw honesty about her personal battles juxtaposed with instances of humor – a testament to her background in comedy – creating an engaging atmosphere that encouraged participants to reflect on their own lives while embracing vulnerability without fear or judgment. Attendees were introduced to various techniques aimed at facilitating personal transformation including introspective activities that prompted self-examination and acknowledgment of unresolved issues hindering personal growth.

As part of its holistic approach towards healing from emotional baggage Baggage Claim Worldwide incorporates laughter therapy into its sessions. It’s predicated on the belief that laughter is not just therapeutic but can serve as an effective tool for breaking down walls allowing individuals to access buried emotions thereby setting the stage for meaningful healing processes.

The impact of Dr.Dancie’s session was palpable; participants left feeling invigorated, equipped with newfound insights into tackling change both within themselves and within dynamic work environments. The presence of such a platform on college campuses speaks volumes about our society’s evolving approach toward mental health emphasizing preventive care, self-awareness and community support over isolation, stigma or silence.

For those interested in following this groundbreaking tour or seeking more information about Baggage Claim Worldwide all social media handles remain consistent @KianaDancie along with access to further resources available through

This inaugural event at the University Of South Carolina heralds what promises to be an enlightening collegiate tour shedding light on critical issues surrounding mental health while championing methods for individual empowerment amid adversity. As Baggage Claim Worldwide continues its journey across various campuses it remains steadfast in its commitment toward fostering environments where conversations about emotional well-being are welcomed, celebrated and importantly normalized paving way for healthier more resilient communities across America.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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