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Barbara Majeski Bares It All Through Her Massively Inspirational Podcast, “Baring It All”

Life is all about overcoming the challenges and obstacles that eventually come our way. For Barbara Majeski, her life had taken a drastic turn at one point, but she took all of it in stride and found massive success by telling her story. Nowadays, she hosts her own podcast called Baring It All, her own platform of empowerment where she discusses what it means to live a good life of positivity and joy.

Barbara Majeski is a nationally recognized TV personality and lifestyle expert with regular features on prominent media platforms such as the Today Show, Inside Edition, Good Day New York, NY Live, Chicago The Jam, and many more. She is famously known as the “Curator of the Good Life,” and for a good reason. She personally curates all the best in lifestyle, entertainment, and travel for her segments. 

Her weekly appearances have gained her a lot of traction within mainstream media with a variety of loyal fans all across the United States. Barbara Majeski makes sure that most of her fans will identify with her sophisticated yet sensible style. Her podcast, Baring it All, showcases entrepreneurs, celebrities, and influencers from different walks of life. 

With the advent of the social app Clubhouse, Barbara Majeski has recently taken her gift of gab to launch a club under the same name as her podcast. Both of her platforms allow her to extend her influence as she consistently highlights the real grit, drive, and perseverance behind the glamour of success. 

On the more personal side of things, Barbara Majeski is a divorced mom of three beautiful children. She is a passionate advocate for philanthropy, as well as an avid yogi. Her journey all began in 2015 when her marriage came to a devastating halt. She was in the process of filing a divorce with her husband at the time when tragedy befell her health situation. With everything stacked against her, she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. 

Thankfully, through it all, Barbara became a powerful cancer survivor who shares her story with millions of her fans all over the world. Barbara Majeski is known for enjoying the zest of life while sharing her passion for life with others. She is authentic, transparent, and driven to inspire others through her amazing story. 

Barbara sees her television appearances as the “highlight reel” or “front of the house,” and Baring it All is her way of including audiences in the “back of the house,” which is a more intimate approach to content. She admits that television is the glamour, and her podcast, Baring it All, is the grit. She spent decades existing behind a veneer, checking all the right boxes, and now she has finally manifested what she has always wanted.  

Barbara Majeski is dedicated to transparency and authenticity. Through her platform, she shares her setbacks, heartbreaks, and challenges in hopes of inspiring others to get up and get out of their own way so they can live their best life. During her cancer treatment, she made a vow that if she got a second shot and survived, she would no longer play small. 

She has promised herself to live bigger, bolder, and better than ever before. At the end of her treatment, she sold her wedding ring, hired a media trainer, and relaunched her second act in television, broadcasting, and social media. In the near future, Barbara envisions herself becoming a household name, dominating the media sphere with her positive presence, creativity, and confidence.

To know more about Barbara Majeski, visit her official website. For more live updates, follow her on Instagram to get the latest updates on her projects. 

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