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Becca Brazil, Rachel Weaver & Rebecca Keselburg Giving the Spotlight and Enabling Growth for Today’s Entrepreneurs & Creators Through Level Up Media PR

The growing prominence and widespread utilization of non-traditional approaches to entrepreneurship have made it possible for countless business owners to translate into reality their vision of a successful venture. Transitioning into digital platforms, in particular, and doing online businesses have ushered a flood of go-getters aiming to provide products and services that can satisfy consumers’ needs. However, despite the ease offered by the digitization of the commercial space, it remains true that success cannot be guaranteed, especially in light of the competition and saturation of today’s industries. Highly cognizant of the daunting challenge faced by those who wish to stand out, social media sensation and artist Becca Brazil, serial entrepreneur Rachel Weaver, and veteran entrepreneur Rebecca Keselburg have joined forces to launch a go-to provider of done-for-you services that promise increased visibility and growth. 

Fueled by the shared goal of making a positive difference in the world of coaching and driven to help clients become recognized, Becca, Rachel, and Rebecca have poured their combined expertise and extensive experience into establishing Level Up Media PR, creating a space for entrepreneurs, creators, and business owners to learn, grow, and be seen for their demanding work.

At the core of their efforts is the recognition that success doesn’t come easy despite the convenience provided by the advancements in technology. “Online businesses are desirable and an ideal way to live life on your own terms, but they are far from easy,” shared the strategic minds behind Level Up Media PR. “There are so many intricate pieces to put together to create a system and, most importantly, profit online. To mention just a few, you have to stand out online, build a following and influence, create content, grow and engage your audience, create digital assets, as well as set up an effective funnel to generate profit. Many have a few of these things in place, but few have it all, which makes it overwhelming and time-consuming.”

Armed with this awareness, the three fempreneurs designed Level Up Media PR to serve as a one-stop shop. It currently boasts a powerhouse platform that features its clients’ expertise and helps them rise. More impressively, it offers done-for-you services that focus on packaging the client’s brand, building their profit streams, and increasing their visibility by leveraging press and public relations.

Level Up Media PR also enables growth through intensive and tailored coaching support. Delivered by a select team of coaches that include Krystalore Crews, Stephanie Puryear Helling, Julianna Cario, Melanie Christine, Jennifer Theuriet, Michelle Steiner, Julie Huang Yim, Danielle Paci, and Dee Wilson, these efforts are centered around improving entrepreneurs’ competence in the areas of social media, digital marketing, copywriting, business strategizing, and more. 

Currently, the female-owned and operated business is enjoying its position in the limelight, backed by an impressive track record of helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and creators develop, grow, and scale their ventures in a disruptive way. In the months to come, Level Up Media PR is expected to reach greater heights and earn the patronage of more clients with the upcoming launch of its very own podcast and magazine. 

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