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BGW CPA’s Adam Boatsman: The Trusted CPA Partner in Charlotte’s Business World

Adam Boatsman
Photo Courtesy: BGW CPA, PLLC

Adam Boatsman is a recognizable name in the Charlotte business community for his leadership in the accounting field. He has been an important part of shaping BGW CPA, a firm that has been serving as a trusted cornerstone for many years. Since opening, BGW CPA has further expanded its offerings by establishing offices in Charlotte, Hendersonville, and Myrtle Beach.

Adam Boatsman has been working in the field of accounting for over twenty years. As the Managing Partner of BGW CPAm, he brings his expertise to lead the firm. His vision has greatly influenced BGW CPA, making it a preferred choice for businesses looking for accounting services. Boatsman’s approach is straightforward yet impactful, as he prioritizes establishing client relationships and gaining an understanding of their specific business requirements.

Boatsman’s venture into the accounting industry is a testament to his commitment and ingenuity. He made the decision to leave a large accounting firm and establish BGW CPA, a firm that prides itself on fostering relationships with its clients. BGW CPA stands out from other accounting firms as they specialize in assisting privately owned, mid-sized companies. Their primary focus is on aiding these businesses in saving and generating revenue, steering clear of complications, and embracing the joy of running their operations. 

Many business owners turn to Boatsman and his team when they’re tired of unresponsive accountants. They want someone who adds value to their business, not just a once-a-year check-in. Boatsman understands these frustrations. He jokes about the “Big 4” reasons CPA firms get fired and has shaped BGW CPA to avoid these pitfalls. 

At BGW CPA, the focus is not just on delivering top-notch accounting services. Boatsman and his team believe in the importance of work-life balance. They have embraced a hybrid working model that allows their team to balance professional commitments with personal interests and family life. This approach is reflected in their service delivery – it’s all about caring and understanding, not just numbers.

What sets BGW CPA apart is their commitment to long-term relationships, not just with clients but also with their employees. Boatsman values former employees, seeing them as vital members of the BGW CPA family, even after they leave. This philosophy of maintaining connections shows how the firm focuses on people and relationships.

Boatsman’s leadership extends to embracing new technologies and ideas. He’s interested in how artificial intelligence can play a role in accounting, though he knows it won’t replace the need for human expertise. His openness to new ideas keeps BGW CPA at the forefront of innovation in the accounting world.

As a leader, Boatsman has learned how to grow a business and join forces with other firms. He knows it’s not just about money but also about having the right work culture and practices. This understanding has helped BGW CPA grow while maintaining what makes it unique.

BGW CPA, under Boatsman’s leadership, offers a range of services, including business tax services, making them a top choice for anyone looking for a CPA in Charlotte. The team’s expertise covers everything from tax and auditing to bookkeeping, with a group of skilled Charlotte accountants and experts. 

The firm’s use of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) helps it stay focused and aligned with its goals, making it a distinct accounting firm in Charlotte, NC. They think and act like business owners and listen to their clients’ needs.

BGW CPA, under Adam Boatsman’s guidance, has become a trusted partner for businesses. Their approach to client relationships, embracing technology, and commitment to work-life balance set them apart. If you’re looking for an accountant in Charlotte, BGW CPA is a firm that understands your business needs and values the people behind those needs.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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