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Brady and Danielle Houdashelt: “Crazy Couple” Spearheading Hemp Industry

The hemp industry is one that, despite its proscribed history, has persevered and has recently been gaining a lot of traction. With thousands of new products flooding the market each year and the gap in the consumer knowledge base, Brady and Danielle Houdashelt work to catalog tested and certified products to consumers via the Hemp CBD Superstore.

Brady and Danielle Houdashelt, known within certain circles as Hemp Millionaire and Hemp Momma, are the founders of Hemp CBD Superstore. This one-stop online marketplace curates genuine, lab-tested and farm bill compliant Hemp products for customers worldwide. For the last couple of years, the irregular yet ingenious power couple have been innovating and carving out niches across several markets, including honey, psychedelics, mushrooms, and cannabis, before focusing on alternative medicine products and predominantly hemp with their online store.

Brady and Danielle had been labeled as “crazy and stupid stoners” for years. However, if their recent successes are anything to go by, nothing could be further from the truth. The couple were not just hemp consumers but could be described as students of the industry right from the onset around 2014. As great believers in alternative wellness products, they researched and saw the benefits of hemp. Still, after sampling various brands, they discovered a lack of consistency and a shortage of quality and consumer understanding about the majority of the products. The Houdashelts decided to do something about it, and the Hemp CBD Superstore was born.

“We wanted to create well branded, high-quality consumer-friendly products that provide a true experience at an affordable price.”

For seven years, Brady and Danielle Houdashelt have come up with various product ideas as a unit or individually. Handling everything from branding, distribution, retail, and e-commerce on their own. While Danielle creates the websites, artwork, labels, and branding, Brady gets it across to the retailers and distributors in a seamless partnership. As a result, the Hemp CBD Superstore has spawned four new brands across different markets, drawing the attention of other brands wanting to partner with them.

“We balance each other’s skills with perfection and efficiency, and we are able to launch each of our products within a month. Our wholesale customers can shop with peace of mind knowing we are partnered with all the great brands you find on the website,” they said.

Some of the more popular products in the Houdashelts’ catalog are MushyZ MushTropics, which combines nootropics and mushroom extracts for supplements, and Blazin Beez Mad Honey—their most in-demand product in the psychedelic space. Additionally, the couple has also found success with their Alt Cannabinoids delta 8 THC beverages and gummies and their hemp flower products.

The hemp industry has evolved tremendously since 2014 when Brad and Danielle first began, and presently, they have over 75 verified hemp CBD brands, 20 different categories with over 1800 products. Brady and Danielle Houdashelt have consistently shown an uncanny ability to foretell the trend of the consumers and release products early into the market.

In the coming years, Brady and Danielle plan on researching and expanding into every available space in the market.

“We have no commitment to staying inside one sector of a market. We just do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

To learn more about Brady and Danielle Houdashelt, visit their official website.

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