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Brandon Chastang on Addressing the Stigma Surrounding Drug Addiction

For decades, countries worldwide have been afflicted with the issue of drug addiction. Treatments, however, are not utilized enough by people because of the stigma around substance use disorders. To address this, Brandon Chastang, also known as B McFly, has decided to step up and shed some light on the intricacies and complexities of drug addiction. With his past involvement with substance abuse, he knows the difficulties plaguing victims of drug dependency.

Brandon was exposed to a rough life at a young age due to his parents’ addiction to cocaine and their resulting death because of it. Despite growing in that environment, he managed to persevere in life with the help of his grandmother, who raised him in place of his parents. He had a bright future ahead of him when a life-changing event happened: he was shot two months after graduating with his degree in criminal justice.

The incident became the catalyst for Brandon’s downward spiral. He became dependent on his pain medication. The bright future he was envisioning for himself turned into a mess, as he forewent all his responsibilities. He neglected his family and had a hand in the destruction of his community because of his addiction.

Fourteen years of being addicted to Percocet and Xanax brought Brandon feelings of desolation, which made him consider the thought of dying. However, he managed to turn his life around for the better with the support of his girlfriend, the mother of two of his kids. Finally acknowledging the need for professional help, Brandon admitted himself into Armes Acres. The road to healing was not easy, but he endured it and saw it through the end. At present, he is now four years sober.

Brandon’s sobriety journey motivated him to extend his helping hand to others. As a result, he built his platform in 2018. The goal is to help people worldwide with not just drug addiction but also with mental health and gun violence. Substance abuse does not only affect the user, it also transcends into the family and community. It does not only manifest physically and emotionally but more so mentally. Being addicted is a disease that requires a profound understanding, and Brandon has created his platform to help with the issue.

He took to social media to post skits that show transparency and spread awareness about drug addiction. Brandon now has a cumulative following of over 250k, and his skits have reached 30 million views. He has aided several people to have a safe place in rehab with it. Brandon also established COYS Dental Academy to help students become dental assistants in 12 weeks. Furthermore, he facilitates community outreach in Philadelphia and Queens, New York, in partnership with LIFE Camp, Inc.  These efforts to combat various issues involving our society featured Brandon on various TV channels and several magazines.

Onward, Brandon wants to continue his advocacies and impact more lives, especially the inner-city youths, people who are addicted to drugs and the poverty-driven communities.

“Your past doesn’t define who you are today. Don’t be ashamed of your story, be ashamed if there’s no ending to your story. Learn from your life, the ups and downs, the lefts and rights. Actions speak louder than words, but character speaks louder than actions,” Brandon Chastang shares.

Learn more about him by visiting his website, and his Linktree for his social media accounts.

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