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Breaking Boundaries: Anastasiia Neronova Transforms Digital Marketing with Unconventional Creativity

Breaking Boundaries: Anastasiia Neronova Transforms Digital Marketing with Unconventional Creativity
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No one knows about creativity quite like Anastasiia Neronova – a blogger and the leader of ADME, a digital marketing agency based in New York. Even her hobbies are infused with creativity; she has been engaged in dancing since childhood and finds inspiration in her travels. Notably, Anastasiia considers Hawaii a place of power and often visits to replenish her inner energy.

Anastasiia Neronova is undoubtedly a consummate professional. With her innate ability to captivate a wide audience, she effortlessly highlights the best and most outstanding aspects of any brand. This charismatic, highly energetic, and successful young woman has been skillfully leading a creative team of 11 people for five years. This demonstrates that Anastasiia possesses exceptional strength and the ability to tailor her approach to each individual. Consequently, she excels in organizing and managing a creative team where each member contributes their unique character and vision. Anastasiia attributes her successful leadership primarily to effective communication, believing that excellent communication is the key to any enterprise’s efficiency.

“Communicating at all levels, not just at work, is extremely important because it ensures others understand you correctly. Making assumptions carries great risks of mistakes or drawing incorrect conclusions. Even in the simplest conversation over a cup of coffee with friends, one can stumble upon an amazing idea and develop it into a unique campaign for a brand,” says Anastasiia Neronova.

Anastasiia is a delight to converse with, radiating positivity. These character traits have contributed to her success in collaborating with powerful corporate giants such as Urbani Truffles, a global leader in the truffle market; Luigi Bormioli, a respected glass manufacturer and creator of the Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle; Liberty Mutual, the sixth-largest property and casualty insurance company in the United States; de Buyer, a French cookware manufacturer founded in 1830; Parmigiano Reggiano USA; Mionetto Prosecco USA; Longchamp; Empire State Building; Pandora; and NuFACE.

No challenge is too daunting for Anastasiia Neronova. In fact, she embraces challenges and tackles them with enthusiasm. She thrives on breaking patterns, challenging traditions, and defying stereotypes. It is her unique approach to creative work, combined with her unconventional thinking, sharp analytical skills, and critical mindset that distinguishes her as an extraordinary specialist.

Anastasiia Neronova holds a master’s degree in international business, which she obtained from SKEMA Business School in France. This prestigious private institution is renowned worldwide for its research centers. Prior to that, she completed her bachelor’s degree in marketing at Kharkiv National University of Economics, one of the oldest higher education institutions in Ukraine.

Anastasiia possesses an excellent understanding of market trends and an intuitive sense for the needs of any target audience. This talent enables her to develop effective strategies from the outset, delivering exceptional results for her clients in a short period of time. We extend our wishes to Anastasiia for even greater creative success, more unique ideas, and, of course, an abundance of cool clients. After all, excellence always attracts the best.

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