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Brian Mark Turns His Life Around in Time to Turn Other People’s Lives as a Business Coach for Online Business Coach

Hitting rock bottom does not always translate into the end of the world. A second chance could be all a person needs to transform their lives and inspire other people. Brian Mark went from being a drug addict to a successful online fitness coach and now a coach who coaches other online fitness coaches through his company PT Domination.

Getting sober in 2012 signaled the beginning of a new life for Brian Mark, which birthed his fitness business Aesthetic Nation and then his coaching company PT Domination, a platform that he uses to coach online fitness coaches trying to start and grow their online fitness businesses. His journey started from running Aesthetic Nation, a fitness company that he ran successfully between 2013 to 2018. Aesthetic Nation recorded landmark success with over a thousand clients globally with its workout programs, meal plans, and thriving communities worldwide. Seeing how successfully he did with Aesthetic Nation and how many other fitness coaches wanted to start their own successful fitness coaching practices, he decided to launch PT Domination in 2018.

Since its inception, PT Domination has become a dominant force in the market and helped over 1,250 clients, with 196 of those clients confirmed to be making $10,000 monthly. With his company’s status as the #1 business coach for online fitness coaches and trainers, Brian Mark teaches the secrets of the trade. He creates helpful content to inspire fitness enthusiasts and business owners. In addition, he hosts a podcast named Change Lives, Make Money: The Podcast for Online Trainers, which has been named the #1 show for online trainers and in Apple Podcasts’ Top 50 Business Podcasts.

PT Domination works with over seve coaches, including Brian Mark, so clients are guaranteed maximum support and the best training available. Also, five episodes of the podcast get released every week for free to inspire online fitness coaches to stay updated and motivated to take their businesses to the next level. Brian Mark’s motivation to build his own business stemmed from his desire to work for himself and nobody else. I had a vision for myself, and I knew it would not come to life if I had to work for someone. So, when the opportunity to help other businesses gain solid footing arose, I took it and ran with it,” he shared.

Brian Mark’s biggest selling point is how he turned his life around at the age of 21 and how he has become a success worthy of emulation now that he’s 30 years old. He rakes in a minimum of 5 million annually while impacting lives globally. If I can do it, so can you. If I can climb the ladder of success and live the life I’m living now, then so can you.

He sees PT Domination becoming a number #1 globally-recognized online fitness coaches’ coaching program. He’s currently building a strong online presence across social media platforms for the company and hopes to reach more fitness coaches worldwide to make them more successful. “I am ALL IN for all aspects of my life, and I am certain this level of commitment will carry me through to make a significant difference in the world,” he said.

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