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BricktoPunks: An NFT with a Human Touch

The world of NFTs has evolved significantly in recent times, and newer NFT collections now take more creative forms. BricktoPunks NFT brings that to the fore through its proprietary BricktoPunk AI programmed to place each brick with a human touch. In other words, BricktoPunk NFT is a collection of an arrangement of bricks made unique by the arrangement pattern of each 3D punk in the collection.

The human touch makes each BricktoPunk NFT unique, and like how each human being will most likely arrange the same set of bricks in different ways at different times. This concept takes into account how a child would create a mosaic using their collection of toys. 

BricktoPunks is a collection of 9,999 3D Punks that evolve even after the first arrangement. After the NFT’s launch and collectors have purchased the amount they want, BricktoPunks will then create the BricktoForge, a mechanism that allows collectors to upgrade and customize their already acquired BricktoPunks token with new accessories, backgrounds, and other modifications. This will involve burning other BricktoPunks through the forge, reducing the total supply of the NFT and making the acquired token more unique.

BricktoPunks NFT collection will be released on the 28th of October, and each piece will be sold for 0.08 ETH. Collectors can get any of the 9,999 punks made available on launch day. The primary idea behind the collection is to make each token serve as a key to the creator, @LawDegree’s inner circle, which gives access to behind-the-scenes actions on projects with icons like Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, and LaMelo.

BricktoPunks NFT has an extensive roadmap that entails massive giveaways, building a private Discord for BricktoPunks holders and @LawDegree’s inner circle, and creating collaborative BricktoPunk 1-of-1 NFTs with world-renowned artists, purchased by burning BricktoPunks. The team behind BricktoPunks will use 50% of royalties collected from all second-hand sales to buy and burn BricktoPunks listed on the market, reducing the supply and ensuring the long-term value of this project.

“With this collection, we hope to highlight the unique, high-quality art to people who resonate more with the creative side, and the utility the token provides to the people with interest in celebrities and their exclusive lifestyles,” LawDegree said on the BricktoPunks’ website.

It took months to generate the BricktoPunk-AI algorithm, which now creates the variance that makes each BricktoPunks NFT unique. The ultimate goal is to bring back the childhood nostalgia through the child-like reference on how each BricktoPunk NFT came to exist. The creator, LawDegree’s pedigree in the NFT world, is also bound to play a massive role in how the world will receive BricktoPunks. In May, he created the artwork for NBA Rookie of the Year Lamelo Ball’s first collection, selling $1.7 million worth of NFTs. It’s exciting to see how his first solo NFT release will fare in the NFT space, but the entire team is highly optimistic.Learn more about BricktoPunks on the official website or follow the NFT collection via Twitter and Instagram on social media. You can also join their Discord community that now has over 40,000 members here.

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