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Bryan Jimenez’s Purpose-Driven Path to Realizing Alpha Energy’s Vision

Bryan Jimenez's Purpose-Driven Path to Alpha Energy's Vision_2

By: Maria Williams

Bryan Jimenez, CEO of North Carolina-based Alpha Energy, recently shared his insights into the solar industry. With a focus on creating leaders and fostering a culture of ambition, Jimenez inspires his team to pursue extraordinary goals at Alpha Energy.

Bryan Jimenez's Purpose-Driven Path to Alpha Energy's Vision

Photo Courtesy: Alpha Energy

For 27-year-old Bryan Jimenez, being acquainted with the solar industry was love at first sight. Despite a rollercoaster journey getting back to the industry he fell for right out of high school, Jimenez is precisely where he needs to be to reach the level of success he’s set for himself. “I feel like we are here on earth for a reason, and I’ve found my reason. Now that I’m immersed in that, it’s time to double down on what I want to do in my life.” 

Jimenez, CEO of North Carolina’s premium renewable energy semiconductor manufacturer, Alpha Energy, joined us to discuss how providing employees with the right tools and mindset ensures superior performance, productivity, customer value, and satisfaction.

Sarshar: How do prospective employees hit the ground running and achieve sales right off the bat? 

Bryan: At Alpha Energy, we’ve found methods to guarantee when we hire employees that they’re given a smooth training structure. We have developed ourselves to be very rep progressed and systematically oriented and have been able to build new employees up to get sales, on average, in their first one to two weeks. A sales rep who comes into a solar company is getting deals after one or two months. Meanwhile, we aim to give new hires their first sale within the first one to two weeks.

Sarshar: What separates Alpha Energy from other companies in the same industry?

Bryan: What separates us is just being aligned to the growth—the scalability of what we’re doing. We all have great leaders with a strong culture, which a lot of companies might say, but at the end of the day, you have a strong culture when somebody comes in, and either they go or they level up and increase their standards of living. We have a very high closing ratio. But the biggest thing is, we’re focused on being the best individuals in our market. 

Sarshar: What would you say was the first step to creating the optimal team? 

Bryan: If you don’t have a strong foundation and a strong spirit, you’re going to be destroyed in business. So, I was able to build that and overcome any potential risk of starting on the back foot. It’s been a journey where I’ve not only been able to develop myself but also those around me, which is the most powerful thing. You’re building something when you’re seeing those around you grow. Ultimately, for the success of this business, I need everybody to grow.

I’m not in business to make a lot of money. I’m in business to help others change their entire life. 

Sarshar: How much have you grown since starting in 2021?

Bryan: We have a whole recruiting department that we were able to build throughout the years where they’re running their own thing, bringing people in, and we have an operations team operating the entire business. We also have a retention team that retains deals. 

We’re at roughly 25-28 people, with operations included. We have teams canvassing teams. We have two offices running right now, completing, on average, 65 deals a month. This is massive, considering it was only about ten sales a month when we started.

It has been challenging—especially in this state—but we’ve been able to sustain it. We also give the opportunity not only to salespeople but also to those on the back end, including the marketing team, operations team, and recruiting team. It’s so rewarding to see that everybody is working towards the same journey.

Sarshar: How do you help your team create the optimal customer experience?

Bryan: With a solar system, you’re not buying it outright, unlike a house, which can be bought or rented. Let’s say you pay your mortgage for the next 20-30 years; you eliminate that payment, whereas you don’t have that option if you’re a renter. Therefore, when it comes to solar, it’s similar minus the one flat bill. What we do is transition a bill with the existing utility company, look at the consumption, and switch it to solar. This is because the system produces the consumption.

Not knowing that you’ll have to pay bills allows you to focus on your health, spirituality, growth, and family. 

Being able to put a solar system on top of your house or the ground and being able to produce your electricity and do your part as a human to protect the world, not only for us but for future generations, is a massive proponent of what we do. 

It all comes down to value. It’s about affecting {their} mentality, where we’re able to point out {to homeowners} that they’re not only saving money but also contributing positively to the world.

To redefine your way of life, visit the Alpha Energy website and follow Bryan Jimenez’s journey across the company’s socials.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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