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C.W. Zev Maneuvers Individuals and Institutions in the Direction of Growth Through Zev University

Growth matters regardless of one’s age or what stage a business is currently in. Unfortunately, not everyone sees the need to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and pursue development. Numerous entrepreneurs on the same boat also make the mistake of only setting their eyes on starting a venture and failing to put in the effort necessary in scaling their businesses. For some, it all boils down to the belief that a string of other concerns bears a heavier weight compared to the pursuit of growth. “I’d rather focus on earning money” is not an unheard-of line. Carl W. Zev, also known as C.W. Zev, shows that evolving into the best version of oneself is the way to go as it allows people from all walks of life to secure success not only in their financial life but also in other major aspects. 

A graduate of Upsala College, this marketing degree holder is a highly accomplished go-getter with an impressive portfolio attached to his name. His first company, Stokes Bread Distributors, managed to transform from an enterprise with a $500 capital to a lucrative establishment that he was able to sell for $45,000 three years after its launch. Soon afterward, C.W. Zev became a distributor of Mistic and Snapple Beverages, supplying companies like Rutgers and AT&T. 

By 1993, C.W. Zev would serve as one of the first African Americans to own a bottled-water company on the East Coast, running a multi-million dollar corporation called Virgin Springs. More notably, his entrepreneurial acumen and diverse skill set enabled him to land a major contract with the 1996 Summer Olympics. 

His characteristic competence in negotiation, customer relation, business development and leadership shone through in every endeavor that C.W. Zev initiated over the years. Today, he brings to the table, along with 40 years of experience, that very same arsenal in spearheading Zev University and Zev High-Performance Training, LLC. On top of providing life coaching and sales training, his brainchildren also explore the power of a positive attitude and mental toughness. Diving into how the subconscious mind works and how it controls over 90% of people’s actions, the well-respected motivational speaker and mentor guides those under his wing toward evolution. 

Under his leadership, Zev University has been voted as the number one high-performance life skills coaching firm in the New York and New Jersey markets. Despite the achievements under its belt, it shows no sign of slowing down as it continues to share The Focused Mind, a formula to improve one’s life created by C.W. Zev. A form of NLP, this proven process of achieving growth in four major areas of life—health, career, money, and relationships—has helped thousands of clients so far. 

In the future, C.W. Zev is expected to remain at the forefront of the personal development space, pushing individuals and companies toward greater heights by helping them maximize their potential. 

Learn more about C.W. Zev by visiting his Instagram page. More information about Zev University can also be found on their website

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