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C2 Records Announces Music Madness Contest

Create Culture Records is in the final days of reviewing applicants for the Music Madness contest. This contest is open to all genres of music and will match various artists against each other. The contest will also be heavily influenced by social media to give up-and-coming artists instant exposure. The founder of C2 Records was inspired by a visit to Graceland, and desires to find musically talented individuals and help them break into the music industry. Create Culture Records, also known as C2 Records, is an independent music label created to discover and nurture untapped musical talent. With a forward emphasis on prioritizing artists, C2 Records offers a fresh and unique view on contractual and promotional opportunities for artists by evolving the current industry standards.

C2 is excited to announce that 9-time Grammy nominated Engineer Dee Brown is a part of the C2 Records team to assist aspiring artists. Dee has worked with many artists such as Kendrick Lamar, YG, Waka Flocka Flame, Kehlani, and Fantasia to name just a few. He is excited to be the mixing engineer for the finalists during the end portion of the competition, as well as future productions with C2 Records.

Just Rock has also partnered with C2 Records, and their experts be providing vocal lessons from a confidence building perspective. Just Rock will also work with contestants and provide vocal technique including but not limited to breathing, pitch building, and more.  In addition to the general vocal exercises listed above, Just Rock will incorporate their staff (who have been trained by some of the best universities) to incorporate scales, music theory, and stage choreography. 

C2 records is working closely with other artists outside the competition and will be announcing the signing of new artists in the very near future. C2 Records’ approach to artist management and music production breaks away from the traditional methods used by most traditional labels. By allowing their artist’s a broader sense of freedom in their music, as well as providing early compensation on royalties, C2 provides a rich environment for artists on the label to grow and create.

To Promote Music Madness, C2 Records is partnering with Los Angeles based talent management group AVM Group to provide contestants with exposure and opportunities on the live-streaming app LIVIT. The artists selected to participate will be awarded streaming contracts valued at $1,000 or more. With over 40 million registered users worldwide, LIVIT will provide artists even greater opportunity to connect with their audience and monetize their talent. LIVIT’s focus on growing and nurturing talent, while giving them a platform to benefit financially, perfectly aligns with C2 Records.

To further that vision, C2 Records established the Music Madness contest, providing an incentive for aspiring musicians and artists to share their talent with others. With $65,000 in total cash and prizes C2 Records is providing production, marketing of songs, and artist coaching to name a few. Music Madness is the perfect opportunity for any aspiring artist to reach for the stars. The label has even invested in a mobile studio, hoping to meet artists anywhere, at any time.

With hundreds of submissions already in, and the window open until December 31, 2020, all you need to do to enter is submit a 90 second video here. The video submission cannot have studio audio enhancements and video edits, as authenticity is key at C2 Records. Details and terms can be found on their website here.

On January 2, 2021, C2 Records will announce 64 contestants, hand-picked from the hundreds of applicants, to compete in the Music Madness contest. The public will vote on who shall continue through to the final stages, with each artist given the opportunity to promote themselves on social media to victory. The top 4 will be announced at the end of February – each receiving a cash prize and development of their music, including beat production, mixing and mastering, marketing, and distribution of the final work. Finalists will get to work alongside top-tier producers and audio engineers to release their music on the label.

December 31 is only a couple days away, so apply now for a chance to be selected as one of the lucky contestants. The clock is ticking!

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