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Cam Mercadel, “The Ankle Collector,” Talks About His Future in Basketball

Cameron “Cam” Mercadel is a 15-year-old basketball prodigy from Los Angeles, California. He first fell in love with the sport at a very young age and has been playing it ever since. The young athlete trains up to four hours a day to get himself in tip-top shape for his future.

Cam Mercadel competes in an elite league where he demonstrates his hustle, ball-handling skills, and deep understanding of the game. Cam usually trains twice as hard, working to enhance his agility, strength, stamina, and speed. Despite his young age, he’s already making waves on the court, heading to the high school varsity team.

Because of his prodigious talent, Cam Mercadel was chosen to be featured in a documentary series about young athletes, which has been viewed half a million times on Youtube. On Whistle Sports’s documentary, No Days Off, Cam showed his undisputed talent and tremendous drive to push himself to his limits and achieve his goals. 

Cam Mercadel grew up in a family of basketball players. Both his mom and dad loved the sport and played in their college varsity teams. Cam first saw a basketball at the age of one and has been playing since he was three. In pre-school, his family had ten-foot-tall hoops at home. Before school each day, his dad trained him to do 250 to 300 shots. At five years old, he wanted to start playing on a club team.

Today, the ball player trains four to six hours a day with his basketball coach. He also works with a boxing coach, a speed and agility coach, and a strength and agility coach to become a holistic and well-rounded athlete. On top of it all, he juggles his grueling daily practice schedule with school work.

Cam Mercadel thinks that documenting his personal journey as an athlete is important, as it could inspire other basketball lovers to pursue their dreams. He wants other players his age to realize that with enough dedication and practice, they could join the NBA someday and become the pros they have always dreamed of.

As a self-proclaimed basketball influencer, he takes pride in making younger and older players better on and off the court. He is passionate about finding ways to help people and put a smile on their faces. To streamline his efforts, he started a foundation to help the hunger problem in his community called Cam Shoot and Dribble for Hunger.

Cam Mercadel’s burning passion and desire to improve himself shines through among his peers. These qualities were instilled in him by his mom and dad, who have supported him and his passion through the years. For Cam, watching his dad become one of the best basketball trainers and life coaches has given him the burning desire to help people. He wants to help people understand that they can be whomever they want to be in life with hard work and dedication to their craft.

In the future, Cam aims to start college and play basketball for a Power Five school while still helping people and running his foundation. Beyond that, Cam is aiming to get into varsity league and, soon after, the NBA big leagues after he finishes his education.

Learn more about Cam Mercadel’s journey on his website and follow him on Instagram.

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