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Captain Kevin J Davenport on Coaching Leaders through the Stratus Leadership Development Training Program

Captain Kevin J Davenport is a commercial airline pilot, leadership expert, trainer, US Marine, success coach, communication trainer, facilitator, a published author, and the esteemed founder of Stratus Leadership Development, a leadership training program bringing a unique theme to the leadership training with standardized airline training curriculum.

At Stratus Leadership Development, Captain Kevin and his team of professionals offer a variety of services such as one-on-one coaching to help build better sales, better team resource management, and communications. He brings his enthusiasm to help individuals and organizations develop a plan tailored to them and their team. He makes consultations by phone or in-person, learning about organizations’ needs to help build a successful program.

Captain Kevin has over two decades of experience as a pilot flying over a million passengers. He is passionate about leadership and utilizes his expertise in crew resource management to bring a fun and creative style to any organization’s leadership. His distinctive perspective as a leadership coach stems from his leadership position on the left seat of the Airbus A – 321/320, where he had to be on top of his game as the pilot-in-command to ensure the trust of the public, his colleagues, and teammates.

As a captain in the airline business, Captain Kevin understands his responsibilities and is motivated to set a good example for his subordinates in words and actions. He takes his role as a team leader seriously, setting the pace, and he is now dedicated to helping organizations develop their members to ensure maximum success. Captain Kevin J Davenport is also the author of Navigate Your Success and Situational Awareness: Knowing where you are in life and business. He is also the co-creator of  Molly’s Leadership Follies; Power From an Idea Volume 1 alongside his business partner Lil Stern Durkel. 

To help his readers better understand the lessons in the book Navigate Your Success, Captain Kevin breaks down the information within the text into simple acronyms. N is for network, A for appreciation, V for vision, I for integrity, G for goals, A for attitude, T for trust, and E for education. This information, if adhered to, can help people obtain the necessary leadership skills to achieve greatness and climb to the next level in all areas of life, whether it is for getting a better job, becoming a better spouse, a better parent, or becoming a better person in life. These skills are valuable, and everyone should have access to them.

In the coming years, Captain Kevin wants to continue impacting individuals and organizations. “I want to have impacted 50,000 people through my writing, speaking, blogging, and videos. I want to use the principles in my book Navigate Your Success to help others achieve their greatness. I am obligated to share my experiences with others. They have the right to hear that knowledge, develop the skills needed to become better,” he passionately shared.

To learn more about Captain Kevin J Davenport and his proven method of organizational leadership, you may visit his official website.

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