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Cerebral Palsy Fighter Toby Smiles Set to Launch His First Children’s Book on December 1, 2022

The saying “disability is not inability” usually sounds like just another saying until it’s happening for everyone to see. Toby Smiles, who has cerebral palsy, has put his condition aside to impact the world positively and contribute his quota to a world that needs uplifting and positive influence. He has announced his upcoming book, which will be launched on December 1st to usher in the Christmas season.

Toby Smiles is on a mission to positively influence the world with the positivity in him and show the world the numerous things he can do, even though many do not expect him to have so much up his sleeves.

Toby Smiles’ upcoming book is his first children’s book, and he has strong hopes that it will be a bestseller and impact the lives of its readers, who will mostly be children and their parents. The book will be available in print and e-book formats, and Toby has finalized plans to donate a portion of the book’s proceeds to the Children’s Hospital of Philly (CHOP). 

As a cerebral palsy fighter, Toby Smiles has shifted his attention from his condition to more worthy and noble causes. The 19-year-old author and influencer believes that he can be more than making his condition feel like a disability. He has found his purpose and hopes to continue fulfilling that purpose in any capacity he finds himself. “I am excited to be an example for children everywhere, teaching them that they can accomplish their goals no matter what. I want to give back to them if their circumstances suggest otherwise. My upcoming book is my way of communicating this, and I will be donating proceeds of the book to a charity to help children live better and fulfill their potential,” Toby said.

Toby has gained widespread attention to himself, as many brands have reached out to him for modeling opportunities. He also nurtures dreams of becoming a fashion designer, model and influencer, making his mark in the fashion world. With his growing influence, Toby Smiles’ core message is for people to spread kindness and have empathy for others. “We all need one another in this cold world, and we will achieve large pockets of progress if we all show more care, kindness and love to one another. A peaceful world is the first step to achieving a happy world,” Toby said.

While his upcoming book is the highlight of his year, Toby Smiles will hopefully be speaking at VIDCON next year. He also hopes to speak at Playlist Live and share some of the important life lessons he has put together, such as “How to Be Your Authentic Self” and “Disability Does NOT Define a Person.” 

Toby Smiles is not only writing books. He has also made himself an open book to inspire people and teach young children how to develop a can-do spirit regardless of their circumstances. In addition, he wants to be an inspiration to people with a disability and prove that anyone can accomplish anything they desire in life.

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