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Chibis by NFG Guild to Enter Metaverse, Aims to Unite Gamers, Investors, and Collectors

The metaverse is taking over the digital space with its innovative approach to further push virtual experiences to new heights. Amid its rise, many collections are also emerging, and investors are beginning to see the metaverse not only as an avenue for enhanced connectivity and interaction but also as an income-generating platform. The NFG Guild has long been establishing itself as a leader in the industry. Today, the guild aims to blur the line between reality and the metaverse through its new NFT collection–the Chibis.

The Chibi NFT collection features 8,888 unique characters, each equipped with its own distinct strengths and personality. The tokens aim to make a significant impact in the field of blockchain art as they go beyond aesthetics and bring investors more utility in the metaverse. The Chibis are assigned with random attributes that make them stand out individually.

“The NFG Guild proudly introduces Chibis, which stands beyond the common trend as the art has both an aesthetic age as well as a foundational role in the NFG ecosystem. This extends an invitation to not just blockchain enthusiasts, but also gamers, investors, as well as collectors,” explained the founders. “The art itself is unique and represents an already existing organization: NFG Guild. This gives these NFTs not only an aesthetic edge of uniqueness but also allows people to act as major partakers to an organization focusing on scholars and scholarships for play-to-earn games.”

Chibis are identified as cute and bubbly creatures. However, they are as mystical as they are beautiful. Created by talented blockchain artists, the collection boasts unique and bold color choices. In addition, the creators ensured to focus on the tiniest detail, making Chibis one of the most high-quality NFT collections in the market.

“Each Chibi was carefully handled with care to ensure their uniqueness is preserved even among the randomness,” explained the founder, referring to how the collection was innovatively generated. “The Chibis can be foremost noticeable by how they are stacked on top of each other, which places a unique tier to them. These tiers not only represent their rarity but also their different roles within the NFG Guild ecosystem. 

Chibis stands beyond the common trend of launching NFTs as merely art collectibles. The founders stressed that NFTs are often limited, and the pricing is identified based on the tokens’ rarity. The more NFTs are launched into the ecosystem, the more likely it will cause a rift between supply and demand. The creators of NFG Guild explained that unless people start launching NFTs with more utility than being collectibles, blockchain art will likely be put in an “unsubstantiated imbalance.”Chibis will be available for public sale on December 6, 2021. Learn more about NFG Guild and its upcoming NFT collection on its website and Discord server.

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