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Christian Younan, aka DJ Chris Angel, Shares 10 Tips on Gaining Traction in the Music Industry

The music industry has become highly saturated with talents from all over the world. With the cutthroat competition at hand, becoming a music artist is genuinely not for the faint of heart. US Military veteran Christian Younan, better known by his moniker DJ Chris Angel, knows the struggle all too well. Hence, he aims to amplify some tips to help aspiring artists launch themselves into the music landscape.

DJ Chris Angel transitioned from being a military man to pursuing a career in music, realizing that his passion was in creating tracks for people to enjoy, and it was his ultimate avenue for self-expression. But despite being someone who has gone through days of rigorous training, the artist had a hard time adjusting to the music environment.

DJ Chris Angel shared that when he left the military to start his music venture, the anxiety and depression began kicking in, which caused him to doubt himself and his abilities. He further said that it ruined his ability to be in large crowds of people, which affected how he delivered performances across the country. But being the persistent man that he is, the DJ worked hard to rebuild his self-confidence and renew his mind. Today, he wants to share some tips for aspiring music artists who might be in the same situation in their lives as he was when he was taking the first steps in his journey.

DJ Chris Angel said people should never be afraid to invest in their ideas. While external support could help one to gain confidence, there’s never truly a better place to draw strength from than one’s own belief in himself.

Furthermore, DJ Chris Angel said artists should set a budget for their releases. A well-crafted, well-engineered track will remain just a track when people don’t hear it. Hence, the DJ amplifies the value of having the right budget and strategy upon launching music out into the world. It will save music artists time and resources once they have carefully laid out a budget and identified where it would be spent.

In addition, the DJ also said aspiring music professionals should not just focus on strengthening their sound but should also stay hungry for information, reading more to learn from others. This connects to DJ Chris Angel’s next tip, which is to stay away from negative people who don’t see your dream as important.

For his fifth tip, DJ Chris Angel quoted Joe Rogan, who said, “Live your life as if you had a film crew documenting your success,” to amplify how people should work with purpose and intention every day.

To that, he added another tip he learned from his father, who told him that a trip of a thousand miles begins with a single step, reminding everyone to take things by the day and to never rely on unguaranteed shortcuts. 

Seventh, DJ Chris Angel said that failure is okay and is part of the process and that people should never be afraid of failing regardless of who is watching. Eighth, the artist said people should empower others who need them. This tip should be considered a mission for music artists: to empower fans even if they don’t know them personally. For his ninth tip, the DJ said that there’s no such thing as losses, only lessons.

The tenth tip, DJ Chris Angel said, “Repeat tips one to nine until you become successful to your standards.”

There’s truly no better way to learn about a craft than by hearing it from someone who’s gone through the journey himself.Learn more about DJ Chris Angel on Instagram.

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