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Christopher Holt’s Unique Approach to Fitness Training That Prevents Injury and Creates Stability

Most people dread the idea of undergoing fitness training due to its rigorous routines that require a lot of effort. The idea that there’s a “right” time to start a fitness routine prevents a lot of people from getting started on their fitness journey. Many people feel they can’t commit enough time, or fit working out into their busy schedule. To address this common obstacle, New York-based personal trainer Christopher Holt is all about keeping routine simple and easy to commit to and execute. His unique and less stressful approach to fitness prioritizes preventing injuries and promotes the creation of stability. 

One of the many reasons why clients love working with Holt is his profound vision about fitness. He identifies each client’s weakness and turns them into their strengths. His primary training philosophy entails educating clients so that they feel confident about exercising and eating the right kind of food. 

“I feel a great sense of success not just when someone loses weight or builds muscle but also when a client’s mindset grows, and they feel strong, comfortable, and confident in their own skin, empowering them to do more outside of the training environment,” Holt explains. 

Over the years, Holt worked earnestly to acquire certifications that have boosted his ability to help his clients achieve the kind of body they deserve. He is a NASM and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Training Specialist, Onnit Joint Durability Certified, Nutritional Specialist, Program Design Specialist, Online Training Specialist, and Boxing/ Kick Boxing Certified, among others.  

“I really care to help my clients succeed. You don’t just get workouts with me; you get a complete plan that’s designed to not only get you in shape but keep you in shape. My program is designed to utilize the limited time you have available, so you don’t need to think about counting calories or workout two hours a day. I educate my clients to be successful on their own,” he adds. 

Holt’s company, Holt Fitness, currently offers virtual fitness training sessions so clients can execute their routines from the safety of their homes. Despite the lack of the face-to-face encounters, Holt is still successfully able to teach his clients to take control of their fitness routine and achieve flexibility, strength, and endurance. 

In the coming years, Holt anticipates the fitness industry to introduce more complex routines and programs. For the rising personal trainer, however, fitness regimens do not have to be complicated. Keeping it simple, fun, and achievable is key to establish a consistent and healthy lifestyle for fitness clients. Over the years, Holt has proven that his clients respond better to simplified programs that can easily be infused into their busy lifestyle. Holt believes that getting in great shape is all about doing simple things well and consistently. 

As his brand is designed to make fitness accessible and effective, Holt envisions his company building a network of trainers who all care about making people more fit and confident about their bodies. As he works on growing his business and advancing his fitness advocacy, fitness enthusiasts can look forward to more seminars from him this year. 

Learn more about Christopher Holt and Holt Fitness by visiting Follow him @holtfit for updates. 

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