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Coaching the C-Suite: 15 Visionaries Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

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In the ever-changing global corporate scene, C-Suite executives are more important than ever. CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, and other top executives must lead their firms through a difficult and competitive environment. These leaders need special talents, ideas, and views to succeed in this difficult environment. Here comes executive coaching.

Executive coaching is not new, but its relevance and influence have expanded enormously. As leadership paradigms shift, C-Suite executives are turning to visionary coaches for a fresh perspective and to create future leaders. Executive coaching is intriguing, and this piece highlights 15 visionaries who are changing C-Suite leadership.

1. Marshall Goldsmith

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities on leadership and behavioral change in the business world. Two of his books, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” and “Triggers,” are considered classics in the field, and he was named Thinkers50’s top executive coach because of them. He was an early adopter of 360-degree feedback for improving leaders and holds a doctorate from UCLA. In his 40 years as a mentor, he has helped steer the careers of over 150 CEOs and their teams towards positive transformation. Goldsmith is in high demand as a trainer and speaker, earning him awards including the IMS Lifetime Achievement Award and Thinkers50 World’s Most Influential Leadership Thinker. His goal is to help successful people continue to develop both personally and professionally.

2. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a prominent entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and leading authority in life and business techniques, influencing over 50 million people in 100 countries through his programs, videos, and seminars. The financial advice in his best-selling books, such as “MONEY: Master the Game” and “UNSHAKEABLE,” is sound. Engaged with 100+ firms with $7 billion in annual sales, he’s been recognized by organizations like Accenture and Harvard Business Press. Through initiatives like the 1 Billion Meals Challenge, which he founded, Robbins has helped distribute more than 850 million meals to people in need. His life-altering advice has helped many people, solidifying his position as a leading expert in the field of self-improvement.

3. Dawa Tarchin Phillips

Dawa Tarchin Phillips, is one of world’s foremost CEO coaches and a visionary serial entrepreneur. After 12 years in a monastery, including 7 years in meditation retreat, he established a University of California research center in brain- and neuroscience and co-founded the International Mindfulness Teachers Association, accrediting mindfulness teacher training programs in 30 countries. He’s a sought after speaker and #1 bestselling author on mindful leadership and conscious business, and founder of TAIWA, an AI technology venture for human transformation at scale. He regularly helps CEOs and their teams unlock 400% growth in 24 months through behavior emancipation. His work is recognized by the Transformational Leadership Council, the Association of Transformational Leaders, the New York Times, Huffington Post, Forbes, and Fast Company.

4. Manuel Pelágio

Manuel Pelágio, an accomplished coach with a rich background in business and education, has embarked on a transformative journey to introduce a novel category of leadership known as Human Leadership. With over two decades of experience and a strong academic foundation in business management, marketing, and executive programs from esteemed universities, Manuel has honed his expertise to help CEOs gain a deeper understanding of their motivations, values, and potential as leaders. As a co-founder of “REVOLUTIONS for a Better World,” Manuel is pioneering a new approach to leadership and education by combining his extensive business knowledge with a resolute moral compass. Through “REVOLUTIONS for a Better World,” an organization that creates unique methods of education and leadership, he introduces innovative approaches that inspire and elevate leaders, marking a significant advancement in the field of executive development.

5. Troy L Love

Troy L Love, a leading advocate for self-love, has an impressive resume, including a Master’s degree in social work and credentials in fields as varied as addiction treatment and couples therapy. Troy has a significant impact on the lives of others as the clinical director of Yuma Counselling Services. He does this by sharing his knowledge and experience in overcoming traumatic experiences, addiction, and issues in interpersonal relationships. His sincere approach, which is enhanced by his qualifications as a TEDx speaker, best-selling author, and podcast presenter, enables him to guide his clients through extraordinary breakthroughs, which they then report to him.

6. Manbir Kaur

Manbir Kaur is an Executive and Leadership Coach, Conversational Intelligence Practitioner, and Positive Intelligence Coach, holding the prestigious ICF-MCC credential. She works with C-suite executives and business owners, helping them excel as leaders and enhancing their conversational intelligence. With a background as an HBR Contributor and a wealth of corporate experience in tech organizations before transitioning to coaching, Manbir brings a unique perspective to her clients. She has authored two influential books: “Get Your Next Promotion” (published in August 2020), which prepares individuals for the next level, and “Are You The Leader You Want To Be?” (published in January 2018), focusing on becoming a more HUMAN leader and harnessing the full potential of your teams to drive success. Manbir’s expertise empowers her clients and their teams, fostering fresh perspectives, confidence, conversational abilities, and a growth mindset, all of which accelerate their path to success. She is also known for her leadership framework, ‘HUMAN Leadership framework,’ and her global impact, including her “Growth Mindset Conversations” video chat series on LinkedIn, as well as her role on the board of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) – Professional Coaches Global Board.

7. Krishna Kumar

Executive and leadership consultant and trainer In India, Krishna Kumar established what is now known as the Intrad School of Executive Coaching. His coaching philosophy is a combination of organisational behaviour theory and sports psychology. He drew from his experiences as a business executive, tennis coach, and entrepreneur to develop this philosophy. The AWARE model was developed by Krishna to assist leaders in realising their full potential by focusing on self-management, strategy, team building, and executive presence as the four primary areas that it covers. Because of the considerable respect he holds in the coaching community, he is usually asked to give keynote addresses at worldwide coaching conventions.

8. Kay Weijers

Dr. Kay Weijers is a former professional flautist who now spends her time coaching and supervising other coaches. Because of her wide background in a variety of fields, she is in a unique position to guide professionals through the process of overcoming challenges, uncovering their identities, and accomplishing their goals. Kay’s coaching style is influenced by her enthusiasm for introducing clients to peak experience, peak performance, and flow, driven by humour, expertise, and inspiration. Her upcoming book (co-authored with Dr. Elaine Cox) titled “Peak experience in a real-life context,” will discuss peak moments and coaching experiences, communicating her passion for positively impacting the lives of her clients.

9. Joy Salve Münnich

Joy’s journey is a demonstration of sheer courage and commitment. Every one of her career moves, from English teacher to powerful CEO, reflected her unrelenting pursuit of excellence. She established herself in the business sector in Dubai, rising to the position of Retail Sales Quality Officer. Joy then set off on an adventure in Poland, where she worked in a factory while also forming  Belmün Poland in 2022 and Belmün Philippines in 2023. She generated $1M in gross sales revenue from both companies. 

In August 2023, she created JoySalve Training Consultancy Service. Joy is a strong supporter of conscious capitalism and is demonstrating her commitment to self-improvement by completing an MBA from Coventry University in the United Kingdom. Joy demonstrates her steadfast work ethic by sharing her path from renting a virtual office to a bustling 116-square-meter office in Makati City, where she oversees a committed workforce.

10. Isabelle Miclette

Dr. Isabelle Miclette has a great talent for helping high-level executives overcome obstacles, develop their full intellectual/emotional potential, and forge stronger relationships thanks to her years of experience as a clinical psychologist and leadership coach. Isabelle specialises in supporting CEOs through a partnership approach, where a solid relationship is established, rather than the learning of quick skills. To effect and maintain change at the highest levels of corporate leadership, Isabelle is combining her scientific background knowledge with an understanding of current business challenges through her EMBA from Massey University, New Zealand. Because of her unique combination of skills, she is able to offer a comprehensive strategy that helps executives successfully manage challenging business environments, while also improving their own lives and relationships. 

11. Rúna Magnúsdóttir

The “alchemist of leadership” in Iceland, Runa Magnsdóttir, challenges the existing quo by founding the No More Boxes Transformational Movement and The Change Makers. Both of these initiatives question the status quo. She challenges gender conventions with her scathing humor and forward-thinking viewpoint while advocating for quantum thinking and endless possibilities. It has been speculated that Runa’s future book, “Beyond Gender: The New Rules of Leadership,” will present a novel viewpoint on the subject matter. Runa’s method reimagines what it means to be a leader in a world that is lacking in genuine thinkers in positions of authority and agents of change.

12. Deb Crowe

Deborah Crowe is a heart-centered entrepreneurial leader with a wealth of experience coaching leaders at all levels, consulting, training, and teaching as a college professor. With a deep passion for making a positive impact, Deborah has dedicated her career to creating ventures that prioritize people and the planet. Drawing from a diverse background, combining business acumen with a compassionate approach, yet striving to create a harmonious balance between profitability and social responsibility. Having navigated the entrepreneurial landscape for 33 years, Deborah possesses a keen understanding of market dynamics, customer needs, and innovation. Her visionary leadership style fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment, where employees thrive and contribute their best.

13. Paola Knecht

Paola Knecht is a leadership and transformational coach who possesses an honors degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA. With 15 years of strategic leadership in biotechnology, high-tech, and healthcare industries spanning Mexico, the US, and Switzerland, Paola launched My Mindpower Coaching & Consulting. She is a global transformational and leadership coach who is trilingual in Spanish, English, and German. Insightful ideas can be found in her book, “The Success Mindset: Take Back the Leadership of Your Mind.” Paola is a reliable confidant in matters of personal and professional development because of her wide range of experience and knowledge in the field.

14. Joelle K. Jay

Executive Coach Joelle K. Jay has extensive knowledge of leadership in difficult situations. Her considerable knowledge stems from in-depth interviews with prominent figures and significant research. She works closely with executives to define their objectives, providing both one-on-one time and continuous guidance based on each person’s specific requirements. As a coach, Joelle is known for her insightful questions, attentive listening, and ability to steer leaders towards achievement. She aids the most successful people in the world, such as the CEOs and C-suite executives of Fortune 500 corporations. Joelle stands out because of her dedication to her clients’ achievement, which she uses to guarantee that her bosses not only succeed but also enjoy their work.

15. John Baldoni

John Baldoni is well-known for his insightful columns, films, and books that have earned him the title of “keynote speaker” and “author” in 16 translations. He livens up his keynote addresses with piano improvisations and still-life photographs. He has interviewed over two hundred of the world’s most influential people as host of LinkedIn Live’s “GRACE Under Pressure” series. John Baldoni published Grace Under Pressure: Leading Through Change and Crisis, the third book in his Grace Trilogy. In this series, John demonstrates how grace can enable leaders to facilitate positive change and build community through their commitment, courage and compassion. Grace Under Pressure captured two significant honors – the Living Now Award Gold Medal for Motivation and the NYC Big Book Award: Distinguished Favorite for Leadership. John’s newest project is the Baldoni ChatBot, an AI tool using John’s library of works to solve management questions with leadership answers.

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