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David Phieler Making Property Acquisition and Sale Seamless through Pilgrim Mortgage

The real estate industry has always proven difficult, most notably for buyers throughout history. Unfortunately, with the pandemic of the past year, the situation has only grown worse. Today, the process of searching, buying, and owning a home is more complex and intimidating than ever. Although it is essential to point out that real estate problems vary depending on needs, demands, and environment, several firms and agencies are in the business of making the process of buying, selling, and owning a property more seamless. For David Phieler, that’s his forte.  

David Phieler is a mortgage loan officer at Pilgrim Mortgage who understands that the home buying process could be a headache, especially during periods when the instability in the world economic landscape could inevitably lead to a shortage in for-sale homes and cause an increase in prices. Also, as a family man who has been married since 1982 and a father of three children and grandfather of four grandkids, he knows the importance of having a roof over one’s head. So it’s no surprise why he goes all-out in assisting clients in getting their hands on their dream house and places a heavy premium on providing exceptional customer service. 

Pilgrim Mortgage is a full-service mortgage banking company that provides FHA, conventional VA, and USDA loans. Aside from its primary focus on closing loans in three to four weeks, Pilgrim Mortgage also goes the extra mile to ensure that every professional transaction is facilitated with quality. David is regarded as one of the highly dedicated officers at Pilgrim Mortgage. He is known for streamlining the home buying process for each client according to their peculiarities and needs. 

Armed with over 37 years of experience working in computer operations, data center management, and executive management with global brands such as EDS and Hewlett-Packard Enterprises Services, David understands the business space, and more importantly, he understands the ever-changing dynamics and can accurately anticipate a switch as far as the business sector goes. David shares their vision of delivering the best mortgage solutions to customers with his work at Pilgrim Mortgage. 

David Phieler understands the importance of customer satisfaction, and daily, he strives to provide impeccable customer service that impacts the extent to which a client can successfully materialize their dream homes. In addition to spelling the difference between success and failure for companies in the industry, David is available to answer every borrower’s questions. He explained, “I want to guarantee that every borrower is well-informed and can then select the program that best suits their needs.”

In the future, David Phieler’s goals include helping more individuals and families achieve their dreams of owning and securing their dream property. With particular emphasis on streamlining the home buying process and the delivery of top-notch customer service, he aims to give his clients the best experience possible.

Learn more about David Phieler and everything there is to know about mortgage and getting your dream home by visiting his Facebook page.

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