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Dion Health Promotes Holistic Health Through Dental Care

Founder and young CEO, Dr. Samadian has changed the game by introducing dental offices that integrate medical, cosmetic, and dental care using state of the art technology. With already 8 offices in California, and rapidly expanding to more locations, Dr. Samadian is fulfilling his vision to provide beyond dental care for his patients. His vision being Dion Health.

As part of the exceptional few that are actively revolutionizing the system and bringing innovations to the core of their brands, Dr. Samadian is introducing a holistic approach to healthcare that is unlike anything the industry has ever seen. The founder is the first ever to equip a dynamic healthcare model that integrates medical, dental, and cosmetic treatments to address his patients’ overall wellness concerns. 

Going beyond just dental care, Dion Health utilizes dentistry as primary care and treats underlying conditions in-house. “We realized that dental care is a great access point to screen our patients frequently. Therefore, we set the dental domain as the initiation point, and we branch off from there into overall health, as well as head and neck-specific treatments which are our main specialty,” shared the firm’s passionate founder Dr. Amin Samadian.

Widely recognized for his commitment to changing the realm of healthcare and promoting holistic wellness, Dr. Amin Samadian is passionate about producing innovative initiatives. Specializing in sleep apnea and TMJ treatment, Dion Health developed a sleep study protocol that considers patients TMJ and Orthodontic health and efficiently diagnoses the issues from the comfort of the patients’ homes. The issues are then remedied with procedures that are customized for every patient.  

From offering cosmetic dentistry and reconstructive treatments to providing preventative care and routine maintenance, Dr. Samadian and the Dion Health team deliver a wide variety of services that speak volumes of their commitment to healthcare and overall well-being. 

With his excellent offerings that are accessible to a wide range of patients, it comes as no surprise how Dr. Samadian has attracted not only several influencers but also individuals and families from all walks of life. Fulfilling the vision of providing more than just dental care for patients, his healthcare model is now rapidly expanding throughout California as one of the leading enterprises in the state, with plans to stretch its horizons to other major cities on top of its current eight offices. As it moves forward with the vision of providing more people access to its revolutionary healthcare model, Dr. Samadian vows to continue offering exceptional services that go the extra mile in ensuring patients’ overall wellness.

As one of the leading advocates of integrated healthcare encompassing modern dentistry and aesthetic dental care, Dion Health continues to make significant strides by offering extensive plans specially curated for patients to address their long-term needs and problems. It has a broad lineup of screening services to identify other underlying health conditions of its patients, including oral cancer, sleep apnea and airway, occlusal wear and bite, periodontal and gum problems, TMJ and facial pain, dental decay, and cosmetic examination.

By using state-of-the-art technologies and innovations currently available in the field, patients also have access to the clinic’s other services, such as consultations, smile reconstructions, oral muscles and bite health, dental emergencies, gum health, and tooth health. Additionally, Dion Health ensures to give patients their best smiles through a wide range of cosmetic offerings, including Smile Makeovers, Bite Reconstruction, Full-Mouth Rehabilitation, Same-Day and No-Prep Veneers, Implant dentistry, Smile in a day, ALl on 4, ALl on x, Laser Gum Contouring, Botox, and Fillers and other proprietary techniques.

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