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Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux Brings Beauty, Happiness, and Success to Her Massive Audience and Clientele

The beauty industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Many individuals have opted for various cosmetic and aesthetic procedures to boost their looks, self-confidence and aesthetics. However, not all beauty companies have good intentions. Some of these brands exploit their customers and run the risk of damaging their health and safety through haphazard procedures. Fortunately, Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux, DMD, has vowed to be a beacon of light in the cutthroat beauty industry. 

Dr. Kelly has devoted her life’s work to bringing her patients exceptional care and high-quality services that empower them to feel good in their own skin. As a premier cosmetic dentist, she has cultivated a pristine reputation for her impeccable and groundbreaking composite and porcelain veneer work. Due to her unrivaled expertise, Dr. Kelly has been dubbed the cosmetic dentist to the stars. Many A-list celebrities have flocked to her practice, including celebrities and athletes from the NFL and the NBA.

Dr. Kelly’s tremendous success has garnered the attention of a buzzing clientele eager to travel from all over the world just to set an appointment with her. Furthermore, her knowledge and expertise are not just held in high regard by her clients but also by fellow dental professionals who consistently seek her guidance and mentorship to learn her innovative techniques.

Dr. Kelly has garnered several accolades throughout her seasoned professional career. Her colleagues and peers have consistently voted her as the Top Colorado Dentist for five years in a row. Apart from her success within the world of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Kelly is also a fitness professional, personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and pre and postnatal exercise specialist. Additionally, she is a diastasis recti expert who has made waves for creating Abs After Babies, a trailblazing program known to heal ab separation or diastasis recti. 

“I teach women how to heal their bodies from this condition with my revolutionary program while avoiding surgery,” shared Dr. Kelly. The solution has helped thousands of individuals heal their abs, most especially women postpartum. The program was even featured on the popular show The Doctors on FOX/CBS when its impressive effects gained traction.

“My program is based on physical therapy techniques and was launched in 2017. My work with Diastasis recti created a movement to further spread awareness of this women’s health issue. I have been featured on several magazine covers. I have a new magazine cover and article coming out soon with the Fitness Magazine Muscle and Fitness Hers,” shared Dr. Kelly.

As an influencer, Dr. Kelly has also taken part in spreading a positive message to her younger audience. She posts high-quality content across her social media platforms that help men and women improve their physical and mental health and shares her personal experiences and life story to inspire her followers to work hard for their dreams in order to attain them.

Dr. Kelly currently has a combined following of more than one million on Instagram and TikTok. From her humble beginnings, she has now cemented herself as one of the most sought-after beauty professionals. In the near future, the visionary professional vows to continue pushing her advocacy of helping patients build their confidence, especially women and mothers. She also hopes to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries of the dental and fitness industries for many years to come. As someone who has built a massive influence over the years, Dr. Kelly uses her platform to help others reach for their dreams and realize that passion, determination, and hard work can go a long way.

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