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Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi Talks about Her Vision of a Future World Free of Heart Attacks

Waiting for a heart attack is like waiting for child delivery to diagnose pregnancy. The only difference here is, we often miss or overlook symptoms of heart disease, as it is silent. Arteries are not visible, and standard care has focused on intervention, completely ignoring prevention.

Dr Pratiksha Gandhi MD is a world renowned preventive cardiologist based in Los Angeles, California, spearheading the mission of preventive heart attacks and reversing heart disease. She is founder of Global Foundation for Preventive Cardiology, which serves people to receive educational tools for heart health. She firmly believes heart disease is caused by ignorance of conventional doctors and patients. The sugarcoated approach of modern medicine of giving pills and surgeries to patients instead of fixing the root cause is costing $320 billion every year in the US alone in treating heart patients. Definitely with advancements in cardiovascular care, we have been saving lives with excellent emergency care of stent angioplasty and bypass surgeries.

However, the question we need to address is, in the life cycle of a person, why are we allowing them to get a heart attack? In a video commercial done by Mariah Carey for American Heart Association, she mentions that less than 1% of Americans are heart healthy. Isn’t it shocking? Are we going to depend on insurance or doctors to make our hearts healthy?

Dr. Gandhi says she has dedicated over two decades passionately preaching prevention, but most of the time, people wait till the last minute to take action even when they are educated for prevention. People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying homes and paying mortgages, and when it comes to prevention, most people claim they lack finances. Isn’t it ironic that we seek health, when we lose it completely? Heart disease is a life sentence, and sadly, most people wait to receive it unknowingly. However she is undeterred in her mission of serving millions with the message of prevention of heart attacks. 

It’s high time people take responsibility for their own health and take an audit of their behaviors that are contributing to heart ailments. Most of the programs are focused on diets however that solves only half the problem. Even certain celebrities with good diet and exercise have got heart attacks. Finding the unknown risk factors and going beyond diet and exercise is the key which is missing in current preventive measures. Dr Gandhi offers a Healthy heart program which targets the hidden truths behind the heart ailments and helps her clients form a healthy heart blueprint for successful prevention of heart diseases.  

This information is for people who seek prevention, who want to take charge of their heart health and are action takers. Heart disease is 80% preventable, and with advancements in medicine, even invasive surgeries can be avoided. Recent studies have indicated that many stable heart patients on medications may not require surgical procedures. Yet, we as society are continually being pushed towards procedures. This can only be changed if the people are awakened and educated about their heart to make informed decisions.Anyone who is interested in learning more on how heart disease can be prevented or reversed using natural holistic methods can visit to attend a free webinar.

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