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Entrepreneur Bjanka Ceka Achieves Great Feats with Hintime Beauty UK

Entrepreneur and CEO Bjanka Ceka has always been trying to find a way to make her business stand out from the rest and have a significant impact on society. She understands that businesses today have a huge responsibility to contribute to sustainable efforts and ensure that future generations will inherit something worthwhile. Ceka is proud that Hintime Beauty UK only uses environment-friendly products, and she intends to make it the long-term commitment of the company.

Hintime Beauty UK is under the umbrella of the Hintime Group, which is primarily based in Bergamo, Italy. It is one of the most established and fastest-growing beauty companies in and outside of Europe, with more than 250 beauty clinics serving the needs of its loyal clients. Hintime has more than 30 years of track record of providing high-quality beauty services and products, using only the best technological innovations available in the industry today. 

“Consumers value businesses that are responsible and take care of the environment. In the past, lots of corporations have been partly responsible for some of the damages on the planet, but fortunately, things are changing, and entrepreneurs today are more conscious of the impact that their decisions have on social well-being,” Ceka explained. “Therefore, introducing and marketing products and services that are environmentally friendly has been my focus since the beginning of my career as an entrepreneur. I have always searched for differentiation in this area,” she added.

As a business consultant and CEO of Hintime Beauty UK, Ceka is also in charge of promoting the business solutions available in the company. Aestheticians can turn to them for a one-year training program in the academy, aesthetic and medical equipment, professional cosmetic lines, commercial consultancy, business consultancy, and how to create business plans. 

Ceka is thriving as a beauty executive. It suits her inclinations, expertise, and passions in life. Through the kind of work she does for Hintime Beauty UK, she hopes to show other women that they, too, can establish themselves in the beauty industry with the right skills and vision. 

“I have dedicated the best years of my life to this dream, to create my own brand and inspire other girls like me who dream big! It has always been my dream since I was a little girl. I always wanted more. I want the world to be a better place, and I want my optimism to influence people around me,” she shared. “I have lots of dreams, and this life is not enough to reach them all. However, hope keeps me alive and makes me feel! The ability to feel and manage your emotions is what differentiates humans from other species.”

Ultimately, Ceka and Hintime Beauty UK want to educate their clients on how to take care of themselves by using a strong and reliable scientific approach. With the use of accurate diagnosis technology, Hintime is able to thoroughly analyze the state of health of its clients’ skin and body. The same technology allows it to identify the most suitable treatments and products that will address the overall needs of the body. 

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