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Esteemed Financial Professional Paul Vassallo Shares His Valuable Secrets on Life Insurance

Financial education is an exceedingly important topic with various pitfalls and daunting concepts that often lead to misconceptions. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge in the financial world to truly grasp these concepts and be able to digest them in such a way that others may understand them. Fortunately, former athlete Paul Vassallo has amassed a breadth of experience in the realm of finance to educate his clients on a wide variety of financial topics so they may build their own wealth and gain sustainable financial freedom in the long run, and he’s even sharing them on his TikTok page, @NetMoreWealth 

Paul Vassallo is a former D1 Football Captain, and NFL Linebacker turned Financial Professional. Since retiring from the NFL, he has shifted his unrelenting passion for learning and progress to the world of finance. This passion led him to learn how to be the advisor to the pros of the finance world on how to accumulate and protect their wealth. But he doesn’t just focus on the pros; he also caters to entrepreneurs, business owners, and high level executives. 

“After my time in the NFL, I had first-hand experience seeing so many of the guys leave the league and be financially broken within the next five to seven years. I didn’t know then that if they had followed just a few simple financial principles, they could have set themselves up for life in a way one could only imagine. I am now focused on teaching these principles about money to my clients,” shared Paul.

The esteemed financial professional has all the secrets to help his clients take the right steps to accumulate, protect and set up long-term tax-free wealth that sustains in any market condition. “Regardless of the current economic times, booming, busting, time of war, or a time of peace. These simple concepts would leave everyone better off if they found them,” said Paul Vassallo. His company, Net More Wealth, takes on a unique approach to financial education by reframing the mindset. 

The journey towards financial freedom takes a single step, and it always starts with the mind. In line with this, Paul Vassallo has aimed to educate his clients with certain tidbits of knowledge that would shape the way they see finances and open their eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. One of the most important things you can do when it comes to your financial health in the future, is protect it while it grows via an Asset Locker. In this article, Paul Vassallo explains what an Asset Locker is and why it is such a valuable tool.

So what is an Asset Locker? An Asset Locker is a very specific form of life insurance known as an IUL. It’s not set up to maximize death benefits, like most life insurance, but is instead designed to maximize the cash value accumulation. This is a very strong and powerful tool when set up correctly because you are able to minimize cost and maximize the value. Unlike stocks or 401Ks, your Asset Locker will grow your money and you’re guaranteed never to lose money. Even if the stock market takes a 30 point hit, you don’t lose. Additionally, your Asset Locker gives you the freedom to access your cash value at any time, tax free.  

“This isn’t your grandmother’s life insurance where the insurance guy would go door to door and collect monthly payments. I’m talking about life insurance today in 2022,” shared Paul. This is one of the big strategies used by some of the world’s most wealthy individuals to grow and protect their wealth, while accessing it tax free, but it doesn’t have to just be for the rich.

Paul Vassallo also explains that the Asset Locker is one of the greatest tax-free wealth-generating vehicles today. “You can invest into a 401k, stocks, or even buy a business. All great things, and I would advise you to do all 3 in some capacity. However, the one thing they all have in common is that they are taxable. Which means good old Uncle Sam will come for his cut, generally between 25-35% if you’re lucky,” said Paul. You can access your Asset Locker entirely tax-free. Clients can put in as much as they want each year and pull out as much as they’d like each year without taxes. It’s remarkable. You also get the added asset of a death benefit, which can even be accessed before you die in certain circumstances like cancer or a stroke. This means that you no longer need to fear that a future major medical condition may bankrupt your family before you pass. 

In essence, your Asset Locker gives you tax free wealth today, protection for you and your family while you’re alive, and a death benefit for your future generation when you pass. 

“My father passed away when I was two years old, and I grew up on his life insurance. It changed my family’s life forever,” shared Paul.

To learn more from Paul, follow him on TikTok @NetMoreWealth 

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