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Estheticare Physiotherapy Islamabad For Athletes and Players Born to Win

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Sports players and Athletes represent their countries worldwide. They are a symbol of national pride and national identity. Athletes who represent their countries in international events and championships enhance their countries’ soft image, national power, and influence on the global stage. Besides, Athletes and Sports Players are a source of inspiration and motivation for netizens. Their stories of resilience, dedication, perseverance, and success inspire them to strive for greatness.

But, the success of our Athletes and Players is what we see after they have notably accomplished some achievements, and what goes behind the scenes is an untold story. The success of athletes and sports players involves multiple complex factors, including physical wellness, training, mental skills such as problem-solving and adaptability, and numerous psychological and physiological aspects.

If we talk about the physical health of Athletes, Physiotherapy and Physiotherapists play a vital role. Physiotherapy is a lifeline for professional Athletes and Players as it ensures their overall well-being, rehabilitation management, and long-term success.

Estheticare Physiotherapy Islamabad is a boutique healthcare clinic that offers extraordinary and personalized physiotherapy services for our national heroes in Islamabad, Pakistan. Their team of expert physiotherapists is specialized and skilled at managing all the day-to-day challenges faced by Athletes in various sports during pre or post-game periods. And that’s not all! To maintain world-class standards, their Physiotherapy equipment meets top-tier standards. Why? Because they are well aware of the needs of our super-talented sports heroes and athletes.

Estheticare Physiotherapy Islamabad provides expert Rehabilitation Services to Athletes and Sports Players. Estheticare Boutique Clinic is located in F-7/2 Islamabad and offers various services and treatments. 

Here’s how they’re taking care of our superheroes, sports stars, and athletes:

Preventive Care

The team of expert physiotherapists at Estheticare Boutique Clinic identifies any possibility of muscle weakness, joint instability, or biochemical imbalances after thoroughly assessing the players. This timely diagnosis reduces the risks of future possible injuries.

Movement Analysis

Their team of expert sports physiotherapists recognizes movement patterns of the players and athletes to identify ineffectiveness that could lead to injury or hinder performance. Talented sports physiotherapists also equip the players with correct and personalized exercise and training techniques, which allows them to optimize their movement patterns, ultimately leading to less muscle and joint strain.

Injury Management

The expert team of physiotherapists at Estheticare is fully trained in Acute Injury Management. They are fully capable of providing immediate pain management and healing strategies.

Personalized Rehabilitation Programs

Every injury or muscle strain heals differently, and the expert physiotherapists at Estheticare Boutique Clinic know this fact well. This is why they always prefer providing players with personalized rehabilitation programs tailored according to the athlete’s specific injury or sports, ensuring a smooth and positive healing progress.

Ensure Players Return to Sports Safely

A team of expert sports physiotherapists and sports psychologists work together and monitor the athlete’s post-injury progress to ensure that they are both physically and mentally prepared to return to their regular sports activities without risking another injury.

Performance Enhancement

The experts at Estheticare design tailored conditioning programs that meet the specific demands and needs of the athlete’s sport. They create personalized training exercises that mimic the exact movements of the athlete, which is exactly according to the demand of the athlete’s sport. These customized training and exercises enhance the athlete’s overall performance.

Sports Massage

Estheticare Boutique Clinic Islamabad also offers athletes a wide range of sports massages. This includes Pre-event sports massage, Post-event sports massage, and Maintenance sports massage.

Education and Counseling 

The Estheticare Boutique Clinic is also taking good care of the mental and psychological health of athletes and players; for this reason, they are taking services of highly qualified sports psychologist Mohsin Nawaz, who is also an accomplished F-class shooting champion, coach, mentor, and trainer.

Estheticare Physiotherapy Islamabad For Athletes and Players Born to Win

Mohsin Nawaz: Certified Sports Psychologist, Sports Nutritionist and Life Coach

Professional Player’s Take on Physiotherapy Services of Estheticare Boutique Clinic

Estheticare Physiotherapy Islamabad For Athletes and Players Born to Win

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“I had a mild injury during a recent practice session, and the discomfort followed me for days. Estheticare’s physiotherapy services helped a lot in recovery, and Alhamdulillah, now I am feeling much better.”

  • Imad Waseem
Estheticare Physiotherapy Islamabad For Athletes and Players Born to Win

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“I regularly visit Estheticare Boutique Clinic, Islamabad, for skin treatments and Estheticare’s signature sports massage. It’s the best experience ever and keeps me energized and active for days”

  • Sohail Tanveer 


Sports players and athletes are our national assets, and they must be provided with world-class facilities to excel in their professional gameplay. The team of expert physiotherapists and sports psychologists at Estheticare Boutique Clinic Islamabad is taking care of this all and ensuring that our Players and Athletes find top-notch physiotherapy services right in the heart of their country, Islamabad, Pakistan. Now, our super-talented athletes and players don’t need to travel across the oceans to get the best physiotherapy treatments and rehabilitation services because Estheticare Islamabad has everything they need under one roof.

Here’s a final request to all our sports heroes:

“Save your time, resources, and energies for your next BIG WIN!! By Simply choosing Estheticare Physiotherapy Services Islamabad.”

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